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10 Ways To Display Polaroid Photos #wallart

Not sure what to do with your polaroid photos at home. We'll show 10 original and cute polaroid display ideas to incorporate into your home. Get your Polaroid photo prints and start creating.

What are polaroids?

Polaroids are photos taken on a Polaroid camera that instantly produce a Polaroid photo with the well-known frame around it. 📸 Polaroid film is available with white borders, or with different colors or fun patterns. Typical size of a polaroid photo is aprox 3¼×4″ (8×10 cm).

The first Polaroid camera was released in 1948 and was called the Polaroid 95. 📷 The term Polaroid refers to the company, the cameras, and the photos. The Fujifilm Instax camera, first released in 1998, prints similar photos so they are often called polaroids as well.

In order to get original polaroid photos, you'll need a Polaroid camera or Instax camera. These cameras with the added cost of photo paper can get pretty expensive. However, you can print polaroid-style photos – you can print them online using any photos from your phone or computer.

1. Polaroid wall

Creating a polaroid wall is a fun and easy way to display your memories. First, gather all of your polaroid photos and decide on a theme or color scheme. Choose a blank wall that you want to decorate and use painter's tape to measure and mark out the placement of each photo. Once you have your design in place, start hanging your photos and creating your polaroid display. Consider adding other decorative elements, such as string lights or wall decals, to enhance your display.

You can choose different ways to arrange the photos on the wall – Chaos, order or a balanced composition, it's up to you!

  • Arrange the photos nicely in a row. It will be best if they are all the same size.
  • If you use photos of different sizes, you will create a nice dynamic look.
Our favorite polaroid display.

Not enough Polaroids? Print polaroid style photos from any photo

2. Use any board you can find

Here are a few tips for displaying polaroid photos on a board:

  • Pinboard: Use a pinboard to display your polaroid photos. Choose a board that complements your photos and add decorative elements, such as colored pins or stickers, to enhance your display.
  • Plastic boards: Plastic boards are a great option if you want a more durable and long-lasting display. You can use adhesive dots or clips to attach your polaroid photos to the board.
  • Magnetic board: If you want a more versatile display option, try using a magnetic board. You can easily move and rearrange your photos, and you can also add other decorative elements, such as magnets or small trinkets, to enhance your display.

No matter which option you choose, be sure to have fun with your display and let your creativity shine through!

💡 TIP: Print your photos as photo magnets and decorating a magnetic board will be super easy. You can choose from six sizes including polaroid style magnet.

Classic boards are not boring anymore.

3. Polaroid display with string and pegs

Polaroid display with a string and pegs is a great option if you want a more rustic or bohemian look. To create this display, you will need a length of string or twine and some mini wooden pegs or metal pegs. Tie the string to two hooks or nails on either side of the wall and use the pegs to attach your polaroid photos to the string. 

You can also add other decorative elements, such as fairy lights, to enhance your display. This simple and charming display is perfect for adding a personal touch to any space.

💡 TIP: You can also hang the string vertically. Just add some weight to the bottom of the string so the string is not flying all over the place and attach polaroids.

4. Memo board

Memo boards are a versatile and practical option for displaying polaroid photos. To create this display, choose a memo board that complements your polaroid prints and wooden pegs or metal clips to hang your polaroids. You can add decorative elements, such as colored pins or stickers, to enhance your display. Consider adding other functional elements, such as a calendar or to-do list, to make your memo board both decorative and useful.

Pin it, hang it, stick it.

5. Attach photos with adhesive tape or dots

Sometimes less is more. 😇 Get rid of all the accessories, strings and boards and simply stick the polaroid prints directly to the wall.

  • For this you only need a double-sided tape or glue dots.
  • Put the tape into the centre of each photo or on its sides for better adhesion.
  • Plan your Polaroid display carefully so you don't have peel them off several times 
  • Attach the polaroid prints to the wall.
The easiest way ever.

Print your own photos in style of polaroids!

Print your retro instant-style photo prints online from your Instagram, Facebook, phone, or computer. Just select photos, customize frame colors, and write captions with emojis. ❤️ Print retro photos in 2 sizes and classic-size photos in many different formats.

Starting at $0.39 per piece

7. Little shelf or wooden stand?

Need a stronger foundation for your polaroid photos? You can place them on little wooden shelves and create a beautiful and luxurious polaroid display. We recommend securing the photos with adhesive tape, so they don't fly away. You can also display your polaroids on regular size shelf – use a wooden stand to showcase them.

    Display photos on the shelves.

    8. Colorful washi tapes

    Create a fun Polaroid display using colorful washi tapes. 🤤 The advantage of these tapes is that they should not damage the wall. Washi tapes can be easily peeled, stuck or removed. 👍 They are made from Japanese-style rice paper ⛩ and in many colors and styles.

    Use different styles to tape your polaroid prints to the wall. One photo can be taped all around, another just by corners. 

      Washi tapes are a great helper when hanging photos.

      9. Hang your polaroids on a wooden stick

      Another creative way to display polaroid photos is by hanging them on a wooden stick. This option is perfect if you want a more natural and rustic look. To create this display, you will need a wooden stick, some string or twine, and mini wooden pegs. Tie the string to both ends of the stick and use the pegs to attach your polaroid photos to the string. You can also add other decorative elements to enhance your display. This simple and charming display is perfect for adding a personal touch to any space.

        A little nature at home.

        Not enough Polaroids? Print polaroid style photos from any photo

        10. Be creative

        Combine the photos with other objects and decoration – dried flowers 🌸, stickers, drawings... Simply everything you like. ⭐️

        Decorate, decorate, decorate.

        Decorate your home with photos

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