10 Ways To Display Polaroid Photos #wallart

Do you have a bunch of polaroid pictures at home and are wondering what to do with them? See 15 cute photo display ideas that will bring your memories into life and make your home look more cosy and original. Look at ideas how you can hang your photos in creative ways by using just a few polaroid photos, washi tape or a string.

Phenomenon of Polaroid

Polaroid is a company formed in the USA in 1937. It is famous because of instant analogue movie cameras, which they make since 1948 (first polaroid camera was called Polaroid 95). Polaroid also stands for the name of photos from this cameras. Typical size of polaroid photo was aprox 3¼×4″ (8×10 cm) but the photo itself was bit smaller - squared shaped with thicker frame on its lower part. Polaroid photos was a phenomen of 60´ and 70´ but it is popular till nowadays. These days you can buy for example well-liked Fujifilm Instax - remarkable camera printing the photos just a few second after taking the shot. But it is still necesary to buy polaroid films into it.

Don´t you have polaroid camera? No worries, even you can have polaroid style photos - use our editor to customize and print your photos as polaroids!

10 Tips How To Display Polaroids

You have some polaroid photos but you don't know how to display them. Does it sound familiar? Our 10 wall ideas will help you to find the right way to display pollaroids. Let´s find out how to hang the polaroids or how to stick them on the wall!

Make a pinboard from you wall!

Chaos, order or a balanced composition? Here you can choose.

  • nicely in lines, pictures in a same sizes
  • different sizes put together create dynamic look
Our favorite polaroid display.

Stylish and minimalistic

Do you prefer to keep it in a style of your home? Do so.

  • Use the right colours
  • Choose the pictures
  • Stick them with tape
Be minimalistic - God is in the Details

Real board

Do you remember all those boards in school? Now you are ready to have your own. 😎

  • magnetic board
  • cork board
  • foam board
  • metal board with holes
Classic boards are not boring anymore

Hanging memories 

  Do you wish to have a flexible memories spot? 

  • horizontal lines with ropes with wooden pegs
  • one peg vertical line 

* Tip: You can divide it to years and see how the time is changing.

How to display polaroids? Put them on the wall!

Wire memo board

The wire memo board is a metal grid for hanging photos and office accessories. It is usually sold in different sizes and colors.

Wire board is a must have if you would like a great way to display photos and decorate your workplace. Don't forget to get some binder clips or wooden pegs.

Pin it, hang it, stick it

Stick it simply!

For this you only need double-sided tape. Put the tape into the centre of each photo or on its both sides for better adhesion.

The easiest way ever

Wasn't it enough? Scroll down for more cool things to do with polaroids!

Place them on a shelf, or more 😊

Washi tape saves the day 🤗

  • Play with your wall
  • Create a inspiring spot
  • Combine pictures of different sizes
  • Use different sizes, textures and colours of washi tapes

Wooden stick solves your hanging troubles

As a hanger you can use

Be creative

Combine with other objects.🌸 Dried flowers, stickers, drawings.⭐️

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