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The best photo book for baby easily and quickly

Do you want to keep the most beautiful memories and surprise your children in the future with an original book with their photos? Thanks to our online editor, the photo book will only take you a few minutes. We will advise you on how to make it in a few simple steps!

Kateřina Tobišková
February 28, 2021

Pregnancy and the first years of your baby life are things that you want to remember forever and even after years you will be happy to return to these moments. Don't you want to forget any fundamental memories and feelings? Create a photo book or diary for yourself and your baby!

How to make a photo book?

Create a photo folder on your computer

The most difficult thing about creating a photo book is choosing the right photos. Do you want to create a photo book with pregnancy photos, a book of the first years of life (baby-diary), or a combination of both? If you clarify the topic at the beginning, you will save a lot of time. You can use photos from Instagram, Facebook, computer or mobile phone.

  • create a folder on your computer where you can copy the photos you would like to have in the book
  • use quality photos directly from the camera or phone (but don't worry, our system will alert you if the photos are low quality)

Edit selected photos

If you want to color-correct your photos, now is the time. You don't have to crop photos, but make sure they match together (check colors and exposition - amount of light).

  • Edit photos that do not match the others (top apps for editing photos here) or replace them with others
  • you don't have to crop the photos in any way, you can do it directly online in our editor during your order

Choose the type of photo book

We have two types of photobooks:

Photo book with light sheets from $13

  • A photo book with light sheets and a V1 or V2 binding is the most affordable one.
  • It contains 20-120 pages, same as usual book.

Layflat photo book with solid sheets for $44

  • The photo book with solid sheets can hold 20-80 pages
  • Thanks to the flat "layflat" binding, you can open the book anywhere without a gap in the middle.
  • Thanks to its strengths, it will last forever and is resistant to touch and frequent opening.
Photo book with light sheets with V1 binding, in the middle with V2 binding, on the right is photobook with solid sheets

You can choose from two types of covers for photo books:

  • Paper envelope with printed front and back of the book
  • Hard cover made of natural cardboard with UV print and colored bookbinding cloth

Photobooks vary depending on the thickness of the pages and the type of binding. However, they are always printed using the same digital printing technique in maximum photographic quality. What are the specific differences and how to choose the right one?

Write your experiences and messages

Write down your experiences and favorite memories from your pregnancy or the first years of your baby. You can enter these texts into the book directly in our online editor, or add them to the finished book manually. An interesting idea is to attach a message that will your child read when he or she will be able to do so.

Start creating and combine layouts

You have already prepared the texts and photos, so the hardest work has been done. Now you will be rewarded in the form of creating the final result! When editing a book, you can easily imagine how it will look like in real life. In the editor, you can choose from pre-prepared page layouts, which will suddenly make you a professional graphic designer.

  • You can upload photos at once at the beginning and then compose a book from them.
  • If needed, you can easily upload more photos or change their order by dragging from page to page.
  • Put the photos in the book first roughly and only then adjust the crop

⚠️ Don't want to lose unfinished work? Create an account or log in, our system will save your work continuously. You can return to it at any time.

"Browse" the book

After ordering and paying, the book goes into production, so it is no longer possible to edit it. Therefore, in the preview of the book, check if there is any typo left, that you did not crop the photo incorrectly, or that no page was left blank. Then you can just look forward to the package that will arrive to you soon.

Done! Just wait for a package!

We print the photos each business day after your payment. We dispatch them the same day. Making magnets can take 3 business days. Delivery takes aprox 6-17 days. Read more in our FAQ.

Keep your most beautiful moments in sight!

Pregnancy and the first years of your baby will be an incredibly beautiful and important stage in your life. Keep photos from this time! You have a wide range of options how to do it - classic photographs and retro photos in polaroid style, wall arts or photo collage posters.

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