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Photo tiles for wall

Decorate your home with photo tiles for wall. Our photo wall tiles are of the highest quality, and they are stickable photo tiles so the application is super easy. Create a beautiful gallery wall from as many wall tile photos as you can fit and display all your favorite photos and memories.

Select size:
6×6″ Photo Print
6×8.3″ Photo Print
8.3×8.3″ Photo Print
8.3×11.8″ Photo Print
11.8×11.8″ Photo Print
11.8×17.7″ Photo Print
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Photos from Instagram, Facebook, mobile and desktop

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Description of photo tiles

  • Thick photo print with a semi-gloss surface on premium photographic paper.
  • Our photo tiles are photo prints glued on forex (a white plastic board that is 0.2 inches / 0,5 cm thick)
  • Peel and stick photo tiles – you can easily stick your photo tiles to the wall and restick them somewhere else if necessary (only applicable for for tiles without frame)
  • Apart from the wall sticker, every photo tile is equipped with a hanger as well if you wish to nail to the wall

Tile photo frame

  • All our photo tiles can be purchased with a frame
  • Framed tiles are equipped with only a hanger and not a sticker
  • We offer 2 different photo tile frames – a wooden one and a metal one
  • Frame parameters - wooden frame (10 mm width, 20 mm height), metal frame (7 mm width, 17 mm height)
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Restickable photo tiles

Our stickable photo tiles are super easy to install on the wall and they are restickable – meaning you can restick the tile photos if you don’t like the position (only applicable for tiles without frames)

Photo tiles with frame or no frame

Whether you like the framed or unframed you can choose both options. We offer two different photo tile frames – wooden one and metal one. You can also choose the color of your photo tiles – black or white.

Different sizes of photo wall tiles

Square photo tiles are a classic, but some photos will better fit on the rectangular photo tiles. Choose from different sizes of photo wall tiles: 6x6”, 6x8.3”, 8x3x8.3”, 8.3x11.8”, 11.8x11.8 or 11.8x17.7.

Upload photos from phone or Instagram

To create your photo tiles you can upload photos from your computer, but also your cell phone and Instagram account. Our editor is super easy to use – you will have your photo tiles ordered in minutes.

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Photo Tiles FAQ

What is a photo tile?

A photo tile is usually a square picture that can be stuck to a wall or any other flat surface. It is a modern way of displaying your favorite pictures at home or office. Photo wall tiles can be easily grouped together to create a gallery wall.

What are photo tiles made of?

Our photo tiles are made of a lightweight plastic board with a high-quality adhesive and a hanger on the back. The front surface is a premium-quality photo print of a semi-matte material that makes the picture look vibrant and sharp.

How to hang photo tiles?

Our stickable photo tiles have an adhesive backing that can stick to any flat surface. To hang the photo tile, peel off the protective layer from the adhesive and stick it to the desired location. Every photo wall tile is also equipped with a hanger if you wish to nail the print on the wall.

What is a framed photo tile?

A framed photo tile is a photo tile that comes with a frame. The frame adds an extra touch of elegance to the photo tile and makes it look like a traditional picture frame. We offer wooden photo tile frames and metal frames.

How to arrange photo tiles?

You can arrange photo tiles in any way you like. You can create a grid pattern or a random pattern, depending on your preference. You can also mix and match different sizes and shapes of photo tiles to create a personalized display. Check out our article on how to create a gallery wall.

How to make photo tiles?

To make photo tiles, you need to select your favorite pictures and upload them to our website. Choose the desired size of photo tiles and if want unframed or framed photo tiles. Our editor will create a digital preview of your photo tiles, and you can customize the crop. Once you are satisfied with the design, you can place the order, and we will deliver the photo tiles to your doorstep.

What sizes of photo tiles do you offer?

At squared.one we offer six different sizes of photo tiles: 6x6”, 6x8.3”, 8x3x8.3”, 8.3x11.8”, 11.8x11.8 or 11.8x17.7.

How long will it take to get my photo tiles delivered?

It usually takes 5 working days to print a photo on canvas, then shipping will take 1-3 days depending on which of the carriers you choose. Detailed information on shipping times for more than just canvas photos can be found here.