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Photo Magnets for Fridge

Print photo fridge magnets from your Instagram, Facebook, mobile or computer. Pick your favorite photos, choose from various shapes and sizes and create your own custom photo magnets. Display your magnetic photos on your fridge or give them as a gift!

Select size:
Square 2×2″ (5×5 cm)
Square 2.75×2.75″ (7×7 cm)
Retro 2×2.75″ (5,6×7 cm)
Rectangle 2×2.75″ (5,6×7 cm)
Round Ø 2.75″ (Ø 7 cm)
Heart 2.75″ (7 cm)
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Production time is three business days.

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Photos from Instagram, Facebook, mobile and desktop

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  • Our personalized photo magnets are printed on premium quality Fujicolor Crystal Archive Paper Supreme HD with glossy surface or matte surface placed on a flexible 0.03" (0,7 mm) thick magnetic foil.
  • While ordering you can arrange, crop and re-size the photo magnets
  • You can customize background color of square magnets 2¾×2¾ and retro magnets 2¾×2″. All shapes are available without the border.

What is a photo magnet for fridge?

Photo magnet is a piece of photo printed on a glossy or matte photo paper placed on a highly flexible magnetic foil. You can place a photo fridge magnet on any magnetic surface according to your wishes. The core idea of photo magnets is to preserve your precious moments and memories from your digital archives (computer, phone, etc.) and social media.

Photo magnets can be an affordable component of your interior. Mostly they are being placed on fridges and magnetic boards.

You can find magnetic photos of different shapes: square (2,75×2,75”) or (2×2”), round (2,75”), rectangle (2,75×2″), polaroid style (2×2.75″) or heart (2,75”).

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@squaredone photo products review on Instagram

  • @moje_kwiatki: My new favorite addition to a fridge. Personalised photo magnets 🥰
  • @smallsmallworldnewzealand: I take 1000000 photos of my children on my phone, and we never ever print them and put them up. But I just got my photo magnet parcel from Squared.one. I love looking back at the our magnetic photos on the fridge and the children love to see the things they have done and the family and friends and places they have seen.
  • @courtney.marquez: Printed photos have always been important to me but especially since being a mom they have become even more important and special knowing that one day her and I will go through these photos as I have done with my mother. I recently discovered @squared.one and I am so in love with their personalized photo magnets and photo prints! Their website is so easy to use and the quality of the photos is beautiful. Mika loves staring at these photo magnets on the fridge while I do my cooking! 💛
  • @mommakoyle: Sundays are family days in our house. We do our best to spend quality time together and have family centered activities. If you haven't caught on by now I'm huge into my family and pictures. So it makes since that my family is the #1 thing I take pictures of. I'm loving these photo fridge magnets from @squared.one Now I have some of my favorite pictures on my fridge to easily see anytime!

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5 photo magnet sizes to choose from

Choose from 5 different sizes of photo magnets for fridge. Do you want to try rounded magnets or stick to square and rectangular classics?

With or without border?

You can customize the border color of your magnetic photos so it fits with the mood of your photo.

Our photo magnets are made to last

Premium quality photo paper with glossy or matte surface placed on a flexible magnetic foil. Our photo fridge magnets will last many years.

Capture memories

Decorate your fridge with magnet photo prints of your children or give them as a gift. Every proud grandma and grandpa will be delighted to have a photo magnets to display on their fridge.

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