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Scrapbooking Kit With Photos

Create a scrapbook full of your favorite memories! In our kit, you will find everything you need to make a scrapbook - a photo album with paper pages, a $25 gift card for printing photos, mounting corners for attaching photos, washi tape, and gel pens for decorating. Get the whole family involved and start scrapbooking!

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The kit includes

  • Large spiral-bound scrapbook with paper pages in 3 color options- beige-pink, blue-gray, or black
  • $25 gift card for printing your photos at Squared.one
  • 2 gel pens in different colors
  • 2 washi tapes in different colors/patterns
  • 4 sheets of mounting corners for attaching photos
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Various color options for your scrapbook

Are you a fan of pink and blue, or do you want to create a unique album with black sheets? Captions written in white gel pen and photos with white frames stand out beautifully on black pages.

The design is entirely up to you

The scrapbook contains blank pages meaning the layout and sizes of the photos is completely up to you. For example, combine standard photo formats with polaroid style photos to get a truly unique scrapbook. You don't have to include just photos - complete the story with little mementos from the event.

Baby album or travel scrapbook?

A scrapbook can record all of life’s beautiful memories. Vacations, family holidays, your wedding, or baby's first year (pink album for a girl, blue for a boy, or switch it up).

The perfect gift for creative types

Whether you're looking for a birthday or Christmas gift, delight your loved ones with a new activity to explore their creativity - scrapbooking. They will find everything they need in the kit including a gift card for printing their photos.

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