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6 Tips How To Decorate Your Fridge With Photo Magnets

Many of you will agree that your fridge is the center of the kitchen. We keep all of the delicious food and meals. However, the fridge is much more than just a place for keeping our food. It's such a great place to display your memories, funny moments, family pictures, and photos with friends or your pets.

Decorate your fridge with photo magnets

The best to decorate your fridge is to use photo magnets. 🧲 We print your photos on high-quality magnetic foil in different shapes and sizes. You can print your family photos, photos with friends and so many other photos on a square, 🟨 rectangular, round 🟠 or heart-shaped magnet. ❤️ You can choose a retro magnet with a frame where you can add captions or emojis. 

There are so many ways how to decorate your fridge with photo magnets. Let us show you our favorite ones. ⬇️

1. Christmas decoration

Are you dressing up your house for Christmas? Don't forget your kitchen. Pick your favorite photos Christmassy photos like family photos by the Christmas tree 🎄 or having fun in the snow ❄️ and we will print them as photo magnets for you. Photo magnets are also a great Christmas gift. 🎁 For example, grandma will appreciate photos of the grandchildren and your friend will be delighted by photo magnets capturing your travels together. ✈️

2. Turn the fridge into a presentation of your culinary masterpieces

Do you love preparing meals and cooking food for your loved ones? 🧑‍🍳 Here is your chance to show off some of your best creations. 🥘 🍲 Take pictures of your favorite meals and display them on your fridge. Now, you will never struggle with what to cook for dinner as you will always have your top picks right in front of you.

3. Get organized and stick your notes and tasks onto your fridge 

Everybody knows the daily tasks and reminders:

  • Grocery shopping,
  • The house needs tidying-up,
  • Walk your dog,
  • Pick up the kids from kindergarten

Uff…Need an easy way to organize them all? Try putting the tasks on the fridge. Print photos of each member of your family on round photo magnets and attach a piece of paper with all of the tasks to each photo so everybody knows their most important tasks and events.

4. Motivate yourself – present your personal success on the fridge

Do you love to motivate yourself to improve your athletic performance? Do you exercise and track your progress? Maybe you ran 2 miles more last time. Maybe you have sweat off some weight. Many motivational books tell us something like: “Be conscious of what you did for yourself today and compliment yourself for it”.

You are investing a lot of time during the day to improve your training performance and nutrition. After all that work you need to watch your results. Print photos on photo magnets to see your body’s progress.
These magnets can be very easily stuck on the fridge with some motivational quotes on them.

5. Preserve the best moments from traveling the world

Travel memories are the best memories. Display your favorite experiences with your family friends or your partner from traveling the world on your fridge. 

6. Decorate your fridge during special occasions and events

Do you love to celebrate all the various events throughout the year and invite your friends and family to enjoy the celebration with you? While having a party, decorate your home in a way that gets everyone in the festive spirit.

There are so many occasions you can decorate for:

  • Halloween
  • Thanksgiving Day Party
  • Birthday party
  • Wedding anniversary
  • Easter decoration
  • Christmas
  • New Year's Eve celebration
Decorating fridge for birthday celebration.

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