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6 Tips How To Decorate Your Fridge With Photo Magnets

Many of you will agree that your refrigerator is the center of the kitchen. We keep all of the delicious things that we have either cooked or bought at the store. These items not only help us feel well fed but also give us feelings of satisfaction and delight. However, the fridge is much more than just a place for keeping our food. It's such a great place to decorate with your memories, funny moments, family pics or reminders.

Vojta Váňa
October 01, 2019

A great way how to display your funny moments, memories or to-do lists is by using refrigerator photo magnets. Photo magnets are made from your photos (e.g. printed from an instagram account or any other digital storage) printed on glossy photo paper and stuck on a magnetic foil. Seeing your own photos on magnetic surfaces will make you happy.

Decorate your fridge with memories of friends and family using photo magnets

You are likely to place photos with your friends and family around to have them close to you.
Many of us usually have photos of family in our wallet. We love to have our closest relatives nearby. Maybe we want to be cheered up by the face of our significant other or of our child.

Use the front-door of your refrigerator for decoration and stick on photo magnets of your relatives. If you also add photo magnets with your pets, you will have a memorable view of all that you love.

All your family on magnetic photos.

Christmas loving ❤️

Don't you looove Christmas? Your fridge also loves it! Make it christmasy even on your refrigerator.

Don’t Miss Out These Amazing Photo Magnets 👌

Decorate the refrigerator as a presentation of culinary masterpieces

Food and fridge...or better…A full fridge of food and meals is the best situation. Do you love preparing meals and is cooking one of your favorite hobbies? Here is your chance to show off some of your best creations.

Favorite meals and culinary masterpieces presentation.

You can showcase your best culinary meals in rows and columns as a presentation on your fridge. For this you can easily use round photo magnets or puzzle magnets.

Stick your notes and tasks on with photo magnets

Everybody knows the daily tasks and reminders:

  • The fridge is empty,
  • Need to tidy-up your home,
  • Walk your dog,
  • Pick up the kids from kindergarten

Uff…What is an easy way to organize them all? Try putting the tasks on the fridge. Print photos of each member of your family on rounded photo magnets. Why you don't make a nice decoration using the notes with specific tasks to each person so everybody will know what to do.

Need to buy! Great not only food buying reminder on picture magnets.

Motivate yourself – present your personal success on the fridge

Do you love to motivate yourself to improve your athletic performance? Do you exercise and track your progress? Maybe you ran 2 miles more last time. Maybe you have sweat off some weight. Many motivational books tell us something like: “Be conscious of what you did for yourself today and compliment yourself for it”.

You are investing a lot of time during the day to improve your training performance and nutrition. After all that work you need to watch your results. Print photos on rounded photo magnets to see your body’s progress.
These magnets can be very easily stuck on the fridge with some motivational quotes on them.

    Preserve the best moments from traveling the world custom magnets

    Traveling to new places is very popular, especially amongst young people. Many of us want to explore new countries and see different cultures. For many people traveling is inspirational, an enjoyable experience, and a way to relax away from the daily routine.

    Display visited places on round fridge magnets.

    These wonderful feelings reach out to us every time we are staying in a new place. If you like to preserve all the beautiful things from your last travel experience and keep your photos on prominent display, then photo magnets are a great way to do it.

    Decorate your fridge during special occasions and events

    Do you love to celebrate all the various events throughout the year and invite your friends and family to enjoy the celebration with you? While having a party, would you like to decorate your home in a way that gets everyone in the festive spirit?

    What occassions suits to decore your fridge during the year:

    • Hallooween
    • Thanksgiving Day Party
    • Birthday party
    • Wedding anniversary
    • Easter decoration
    • Christmas
    • New Year's Eve celebration

    Have a look at some photo tips on how to decorate your fridge from these events with photo magnets.

    Decorating fridge for birthday celebration.
    Memories on your last year halloween party as a decoration.
    Decorate your fridge with wedding memories using photo magnets.

    Have you bethink how you will decorate your home fridge with your photo magnets printed from instagram pictures? 😉

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