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  • Retro Instant style Photo Stickers 2×2.75″ (5,6×7 cm)

Retro Instant style Photo Stickers 2×2.75″ (5,6×7 cm)

Photo Stickers

Gift tags, photos for your scrapbook, or a beautiful decoration for your laptop, phone case, or water bottle - our photos stickers can be this and more. Choose your favorite photos and turn photos into stickers of different shapes and sizes. Create custom photo stickers today.

Select size:
Square 2×2″ (5×5 cm)
Square 2.75×2.75″ (7×7 cm)
Retro 2×2.75″ (5,6×7 cm)
Rectangle 2×2.75″ (5,6×7 cm)
Round Ø 2.75″ (Ø 7 cm)
Heart 2.75″ (7 cm)
$1.29 per piece
Production time is three business days.

Product detail

  • Our photo stickers are printed on premium self-adhesive Fujicolor Crystal Archive Paper Supreme HD paper with glossy and matte finishes at our photo lab in Prague.
  • Upload photos from your phone, computer, or directly from Facebook and Instagram and turn photos into stickers.
  • Your custom photo stickers are delivered in designer packaging to protect them, free of charge.

Photo sticker sizes

  • Small square stickers 2×2″ (5×5 cm) and 2¾×2¾″ (7×7 cm)
  • Rectangular photo stickers 2×2¾″ (5×7 cm)
  • Retro photo stickers 2×2¾″ (5×7 cm)
  • Round and heart-shaped stickers Ø 2¾″ (Ø 7 cm)
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Six photo sticker sizes

You can print these adorable photo stickers in six different shapes and sizes. Choose from classic square or rectangular formats, or try unique retro style, circle, or heart shapes.

Scrapbooking made easy

Photo stickers make scrapbooking a breeze. Say goodbye to washi tapes or photo corners. Simply stick on the photos, add decorations or captions, and you're done. Turn photos into stickers.

Cute decorations

Decorate your laptop, notebook, phone case or water bottle with personalised photo stickers. You can also create unique personalised gift tags.

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