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Photo Book 8×8″ (20×20 cm)

Softcover Photo Book

Softcover photo books are the best photo books for recording everyday life, trips, and time with friends and family. They are of the highest quality making them a great choice for those who want a personalized photo book that is both affordable and long-lasting. Choose a classic softcover photo book or add a cardboard cover for a more elevated look.

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6.7×6.7″ Photo Book
8x8 Photo Book
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Paper Softcover
Hard Cardboard Cover
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Photos from Instagram, Facebook, mobile and desktop

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Description of softcover photo books

  • Softcover photo book with thin pages in a size 6.7x6.7” or 8x8”
  • Two photo book cover options: Paper softcover or Cardboard cover
  • Customize every page of your personalized photo book and create your own cover
  • Saddle-stitched binding (20 to 32 pages) or Perfect softcover binding (34+ pages)
  • Digital high-quality print on a semi-gloss paper (PEFC certificate)
  • Create a photo book of up to 120 pages

How to create a softcover photo book

  • choose the size and cover of your personalized photo book and select a color for the spine
  • upload photos from your computer, phone, or Instagram
  • create your photo book using our templates and customize the cover
  • add captions and text to describe photos
  • the photo book maker will generate a preview of your photo book to check everything
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Photo book printing made easy

Forget about complicated photo book apps. Create a personalized photo book in our simple online editor in minutes. Gather photos from your trips, moments at home, or time with friends and create a photo book.

Personalized photo book – personalized cover

It all starts with the book cover. Create a classic softcover or give your photo book an elevated look by adding a cardboard cover. Choose from many photo layouts and pick any color of the binding. You don't have to be a graphic designer to create a beautiful personalized photo book!

Photo book for many occasions

With our softcover photo books, the possibilities are endless. Create a travel photo book to document your travels, make a memory photo book as a gift, or record your relationship in a couple photo book.

You often ask us

  • Photo books come with saddle-stitched binding and thin pages that can be bent like those in a magazine. Holds up to 120 pages with photos.
  • Layflat photo album comes with layflat binding, which means you can lay each double page flat, and with hard pages like those in children’s picture books that cannot be bent, are easy to leaf through and also last longer. Holds up to 80 pages with photos.

Full answer

You can find production and delivery times here.

Full answer

The minimum is 20 photos and the maximum is up to you! The basic price is always for the minimum number of photos. The maximum capacity is 120 pages for the photo book with thin pages and 80 pages for the layflat photo album. ⚠️Please do not forget to fill all the pages in your photo book with photos or text, otherwise they’ll remain blank!

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Ideally over 1200 pixels, the minimum resolution varies depending on the size of the photo book. For more information on recommended photo sizes, see this article What photo formats and sizes can I upload?

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Yes, create your photo book in the editor and then simply choose the desired number of print outs in the cart.

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  • Discounted WORLDWIDE shipping over $60.00!

  • We print photos from your Instagram, mobile and desktop.

  • Order takes only a few minutes. It's easy!

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