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Photo Books

How do I create a photobook?

Have you been collecting photos from your vacation? Has your wedding photographer just delivered a package of your wedding photos? Want to boast with photos from your travels to your friends or family? Or looking for a gift for the grandparents displaying your kids? Select from our photo books and make your photos immortal on paper!

Below you will find a few tips on how to begin.

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What types and formats of photo books can I choose from?

A photo book with thin pages or a layflat photo album? You can choose according to this overview table.

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What is the difference between the Photo book and the Layflat photo album? Why is the latter more expensive?

  • Photo books come with saddle-stitched binding and thin pages that can be bent like those in a magazine. Holds up to 120 pages with photos.
  • Layflat photo album comes with layflat binding, which means you can lay each double page flat, and with hard pages like those in children’s picture books that cannot be bent, are easy to leaf through and also last longer. Holds up to 80 pages with photos.

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How long does the photo book take to make?

You can find production and delivery times here.

How many photos do I need to create a photo book?

The minimum is 20 photos and the maximum is up to you! The basic price is always for the minimum number of photos. The maximum capacity is 120 pages for the photo book with thin pages and 80 pages for the layflat photo album. ⚠️Please do not forget to fill all the pages in your photo book with photos or text, otherwise they’ll remain blank!

How many pages can a photo book hold?

How much do extra pages cost?

The price differs for each type and size of photo book. You will find the price in the photo editor when you are adding pages.

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What photo size and resolution do I need to make a photo book?

Ideally over 1200 pixels, the minimum resolution varies depending on the size of the photo book. For more information on recommended photo sizes, see this article What photo formats and sizes can I upload?

What should I do when an exclamation mark appears in the photo editor indicating poor photo quality?

We recommend that you follow the required resolution that appears when you click the exclamation mark. If you still want to place lower quality photos in the photobook, choose at least a layout with more photos on one page - for example, four photos side by side.

What happens when I do not fill any text in the “Add caption” field on the book cover?

The book cover will stay blank, without any caption.

Can I print on the back cover of the book?

Yes you can with these types of photo book:

  • Square photo book with paper soft cover
  • Layflat photo album with paper hardcover

I am adding emoticons in some of my texts - I can see them in the preview, are they going to appear in the final printed version too?

Yes, indeed they will. You can use any emoji that you find on a standard computer or smartphone keyboard. 💗😉🌹🍺🎉

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I edit my texts so that there are no prepositions, conjunctions, etc. - is the printed product going to be identical to the preview on the website?

Yes, the final look of the product will be identical to the preview.

Can I create my own layout and upload it in the photo book?

We strongly recommend using the layout offered by our editor. You can choose from a variety of layouts - from a single photo printed across an entire double page (a very popular feature in photo books btw.) to several mini-photos on one page (e.g. a series of shots of your four-legged friend). You can also add captions to your photos and choose a background color.

I have created a 6.7 x 6.7″ photo book but decided I would prefer the 8 x 8″ size instead. Can I somehow convert it?

No, unfortunately in this case you will need to start the new format from scratch.

Where can I preview my photo book after I have ordered it?

Sign into your account. Click “Saved projects” - click the “share” button - then click the last icon to get a link - a preview of your book will open in a new window. You can share this link.

Can I share or download the book preview after I have placed an order?

Yes, we will appreciate it if you share your projects!

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I have ordered a photo book and another photo product but I have not received the photo book yet.

Do not worry😉, photo books take longer to produce so they can sometimes be shipped separately from the other products you have ordered. You will receive an email each time part of your order has been shipped.

I have noticed there is a mistake in my photo book only after having placed the order, can something be done about it? Should I change my order?

After placing an order, the book cannot be edited in the editor any more. Please contact us.

Can I order several print outs of the same photo book?

Yes, create your photo book in the editor and then simply choose the desired number of print outs in the cart.

Can I order several print outs of the same photo book with various spine cover colors?

No, in this case you need to make a separate order for each of your books and choose a different spine color for each of them. You can order more print outs of the same photo book but they have to be identical, including the spine color.

Can I order several print outs of the same photo book with only minor differences in them?

Nope, you will need to create each of the photo books separately.

Can I order another print out of a photo book that I have ordered in the past?

Yes, please sign in to your profile and open the book in the editor where you can adjust it and order a print out again. You will find a step-by-step guide below.

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