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6 Tips for Original Christmas Gifts for a Photographer

Christmas time is coming and many of us are already thinking about gifts for our loved ones. But what to buy if your family member, partner or friend is a photographer? We will give you 6 tips for photography gifts that could make them happy, and not only just during Christmas.

1. Photo gifts from Squared.one

How to show off talent and the resulting photo gallery? Give a photo gift! The Squared.one offer is really varied and original. We like to inspire the idea that photos are not only joyful in the online space, but also in real life. And there are many inspirations!


👩‍❤️‍👨 Your photos and experiences in wall art? They will cover the whole wall and remind you of your moments together.

🗺 Create a collection of the most interesting places you have visited and put it on one photo poster. With each look at the collage, you will return to the wonderful sights and cities you experienced together.


📔 Summarize the whole photo creation of your friend in one photo book and remind him of his best photographic moments!

🧲 Give crazy photo magnets that will remind you both of an unconventional photo shoot or long party, great trips and great experiences every time you look at the fridge!

2. Handmade camera straps

The strap for your camera should be strong and durable. But who said it must be plain and boring? Try to cheer up the photographers' equipment and give them handmade straps. There are many patterns and materials, choose the perfect one and underline the photographer's style with it!


1. Determine the length of the strap

Wrap a fabric trim around your neck to find out how long you want to make your strap. Add about 4 inches to this length and cut.

2. Insert the strap into the swivel clip

Take one end of the strap and fold the corners inwards towards the center. Pass the folded end through one of the swivel clips so that about 2 inches of the strap protrudes.

3. Sew the elongated end

Fold the short end of the fabric over the back of the strap and fasten the stitch near the edge to secure the strap in place. Repeat all three steps for the other end of the strap and set it aside.

4. Cut the leather strap

Cut a rectangular strip of leather that is about 3 inches long and 1/2 inch narrower than the width of the strap.

5. Measure and trim the leather to size

Fold a piece of leather in half. Center the swivel clip over the folded edge of the skin and use the pen to mark the width of the ring on the folded skin.

Keep the skin folded and cut a rounded line from one bottom corner of the strip to the pen mark you created on the nearest folded edge. Repeat on the other side of the skin and then round the outer edges with scissors. This will create the shape of a bolder eight, as shown in the picture.

Create the same way a second leather strap.

6. Add the leather to the strap

Take the strap and hold one of the sewn ends, then pass one of the cut leather pieces over the ring and fold it over the hem of the strap.

7. Make holes for rivets

Using a hammer and a leather punch, pierce three holes in the skin at each end of the strap: one in the middle near the ring and two near each bottom corner (as shown).

8. Insert the rivets

Place a rivet in each hole and use a mallet and rivet setter to set rivers in place.

Attach the strap to the camera and it's DONE!

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3. Portable tripod

A universal tripod that you can place anywhere? Bet on a GorillaPod portable tripod. What makes it special? The flexible legs of the tripod guarantee a stable position of the camera on any surface. The photographer can take pictures of really anything and anywhere. The tripod is light and it is really easy to work with it - you have it ready in a moment and you don't have to drag the big one with you.

4. Lens for smartphone or tablet

The lens for a smartphone or tablet will delight people who like to take photos with mobile devices. This lens often helps to capture high-quality spontaneous photos even during a normal walk, for which the photographer did not take his accessories.

Portable lenses are very compact and practical
and you will be surprised by the number of types to choose from. The most popular are definitely the wide angle, fisheye or telephoto lens.

5. Photo editing software

This gift is often an irreplaceable thing for a photographer, which will surely make him happy. There are many interesting programs that are comprehensive and do not only offer basic functions such as photo editing or processing. The most popular software still remains Adobe Photoshop.

6. Photo bag, photo backpack or gloves

The basic photographic equipment should include a bag or backpack, which will fit everything you need. However, these, as well as the strap for the camera, do not have to be boring. You can embroider the photographer's name or have something painted on them.

And what else are great and practical gifts for a photographer? Especially in the coming cold season, it is good to have your hands warm, even during a long and demanding winter photo shoot. Good and warm gloves are therefore a hit.

If you choose more expensive and more complex gifts for your friend or relative, consult with him first. Whether you do it discreetly or ask directly and without hesitation, it will help you to establish that you are buying the right gift. We hope we have given you at least some good ideas!

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