How To Make a Custom Photo Book From Your Mobile or Instagram 🌟

We have put down some useful tips on how to make the best custom photo book from your pictures.

Doesn't matter if you are taking photos on your phone or a profi camera, being a photographer is more about a state of mind. With our online editor you can print snaps from Instagram or Facebook and make a beautiful custom photo book right from your phone or laptop. So let's do this!

1) Choose a book theme

The most difficult thing about creating a photo book is to choose the right photos. Clearly choose a theme and the book will get a story that will give a unified impression.

  • Wedding photo book
  • Travel photo book
  • A book dedicated to the one you love
  • Baby photo book: the first years with my family
  • Best moments of 2019
Be aware, you may become addicted to photo printing.

Which book best suits your topic?

Photo book with light sheets, with V1 binding, size 17x17 cm / 6.7×6.7 inches, for $19

  • Budget friendly version of a photo book to print every holiday, experience or anniversary gift.

We want to make printing pictures your new habit. So you can always keep them handy and treasure all these moments you captured on the camera. Our new photo book has thinner paper pages and it's every budget friendly. It's made to be printed regularly - collecting all the color variations and creating personal compilations of your favorite events and monthly Instagram summaries. Maybe you are learning cooking/photography/sewing/you name it and you would like to regularly print your progress and little victories? Then this book is for you!

Made for regular printing: daily little moments, our time with friends, weekend trips, monthly collections

Photo book with light sheets, with V1 binding, size 17x17 cm / 6.7×6.7 inches, for $19 

Our classic 'photo book' newly became a photo album. It has a hard paper cover and thicker pages. Our photo album is for everyone who is seeking the best quality without compromises.

Made for special occasions: weddings, portfolios, family and kids photography, trips of a lifetime, graduation pictures & special moments

Layflat photo book, hardcover, 14 × 14 cm / 5½ × 5½″, for $32

  • This photo book is our cutest option. It is compact for trips and excursions.
Layflat photo book, hardcover, 14 × 14 cm / 5½ × 5½″, for $32

Layflat photo book, hardcover, size 20 × 20 cm / 8 × 8″, for $39

  • This book deserves real attention. Thanks to its large format, it is best to print a special occasion, a full year, a children's book or a wedding album.
Layflat photo book, hardcover, size 20 × 20 cm / 8 × 8″, for $39

2) Prepare a package of photos in advance

According to the chosen theme and prepared package of photos, from interesting photos. Select a variety of photos to best illustrate the theme you have chosen. Think about the selection so that photos of people, environment, and details are self-contained. Call from Instagram, Facebook, PC and mobile phone.

  • You can take photos in one place so you choose from them.
  • Use quality photos straight from the camera or your phone - or pick up when you lower your alert system.

⚠️ Don't want to lose the layout of photos in a book? Create an account or log in to keep your book saved.

3) The cover is important

The book cover consists of a printed cardboard cover and a textile spine. Choose a combination so that the color of the back and the photo support each other and create a pleasant contrast. Cardboard printing preserves the structure and color of the cardboard. Thanks to the contrasting photos and look great and black and white.

  • Combine the spine color with the cover photo to choose from: turquoise, pink, yellow, dark purple, white or gray.
  • You may or may not need to write a book title on the front page.
  • Or you can leave the front without a photo, with only the text on the cardboard envelope.
Hard cover can carry your favorite picture!
  • There is no need to crop of photos, you choose everything when creating a book on our website.
  • You can upload photos at the beginning and then compose a book.
  • If necessary, you can easily upload or swap more photos and easily change them by dragging them from page to page.

🔆 Tip: It is better to choose a few great photos than many average photos.

When editing a book, you can easily imagine these things, you can also click on the thumbnail to scroll through the book. And if you have chosen a spine color that doesn't suit you, you can change it.

4) Combine layouts

We have carefully prepared layout options for the book that match each other. It looks good alternating large photos on the whole surface of the book and smaller. This will make it fun to go forward and reveal the story. You don't have to worry about having your photos organized by the book when they were taken. What is more important is how they work on each other's pages and what they create, how they fit together in color or contrast from a distance and detail view.


  • Great one great photo across both sides.
  • Contrast is important, such as small and large photo, image and text, landscape and detail.
  • On a double page, you can show a small story or a single moment on multiple images using multiple photos.
  • Put the photos roughly in the book first and only carefully trim the cropping

Watch our video tutorial:

It can tell you how to create such a book on our website. You don't need to download anything in advance, just open and get started!

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