How To Download Pics From Instagram

Is there a photo that you absolutely love and you want to download it? Or maybe you're looking for the easiest way how to back up all your Instagram photos - so you can print them later? Read our guide on how to easily download pictures from Instagram.

While you can “like” or bookmark a photo so you can watch it later, there is no way to download Instagram photos directly from the app. Last year, Instagram added a new feature that allows you to organize saved posts. You can create a file inside the app for all your favorite destinations, foodie dreams or pets. These pictures are easy to access, although you still need an Instagram app and internet connection.

How to easily download your favorite posts?

> From your desktop


With this website you can download photos and videos directly to your computer. Just copy the link of the picture on Instagram and paste it to the main window on the page. Voila!

Downloadgram is fast and easy.

> From your mobile phone


For mobile users we recommend InstaSave app, which is suitable for both iOS or Android. Unlike other apps, InstaSave is easy to use. If you exceed the limit of 10 downloads, you can just watch a commercial and start downloading again.

InstaSave works on both iOS and Android.

> Chrome extensions
Another fast and easy solution is to download a web extension that can extend the capability of your browser. In this case, it will add a tool to your panel that will download images from the Instagram website directly to your computer. The most popular ones are InstaG, IG Helper or Downloader.

> Re-posting from other accounts


If you just want to repost a picture from another user, you don't have to necessarilly download it. InstaRepost was made for simple and clean reposts, with no frames or watermarks. With this app, you can easily repost any photo or video from any public Instagram profile. No more screenshots!

Already downloaded your pictures? Time to print them.<3

Get your pictures off the devices, back to life.
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