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Standard Photo Print Sizes

Whether you’re printing photos for your album or to display them on the wall, it’s important to know the standard photo printing sizes and how to capture your photos to ensure best printing results. That’s why we’ve prepared a thorough guide for you on standard photo print sizes to help you create the best printed memories.

Why Photo Print Sizes Matter

Capturing moments digitally is normal these days, but there's something special about transforming them into physical prints. Standard photo print sizes matter for several reasons: they determine the photo's purpose, affect its aesthetics, dictate its suitability for display spaces, and influence printing costs. 

Whether you're creating an album, decorating a space, or curating a professional portfolio, the size you choose shapes how effectively the photo fulfils its intended role. From evoking emotions to managing expenses, photo print sizes play a crucial role in how we preserve, present, and perceive memories.

Aspect ratios

Before we dive into the common photo print sizes, it’s important to look at aspect ratios first. Aspect ratio describes the relationship between the width and height of photo prints and determines how these dimensions are perceived. Standard aspect ratios are:

  • 1:1 covers all the square photo prints
  • 2:3 is mostly used in digital photography and film (3:2 is used for 35 mm film)
  • 3:4 can be found as the default setting in most smart phone’s camera meaning most of your photos will be in this aspect ratio (4:3 is preferred format for Instagram photos)
  • 16:9 is a common ratio for videos on your smart phone (it’s also a preferred format for reels and TikToks), it’s also great for landscape photography etc.

All Photo Print Sizes

Squared.one's standard photo print sizes provide choices suitable for framing for walls, keeping in your wallet, photo box, scrapbook, or photo album. We offer 20 print sizes that include some of the most common print sizes but also some unique formats that you will hardly find at any other photo lab.

Instead of spending time looking for nearby photo printing services and driving there, you can conveniently order your prints directly from your phone or laptop and have them promptly delivered to your doorstep. Let’s have a look at our selection of all photo print sizes that we offer.

❤️ Standard photo print sizes

So what are the most typical photo print sizes available? They are very much linked to common aspect ratios of photos and their popularity comes from being the ideal format for most photo albums and frames.

4x6 inches

Probably the most standard photo print size is 4x6 inches or 10x15 cm which precisely correlates with the 2:3 aspect ratio that you will find in most digital cameras making the photo print size for all photos from your camera and even your smartphone. 4x6” photo prints can easily fit into most photo albums. It is also the size of photo prints from 35 mm film so these prints will nicely blend with some older photo prints.

You can print 4x6 photo prints at Squared one with matte or glossy finish and you can add a thin frame or print the photo as is. As for pixels, aim for 1200x1800 pixels for the highest quality resolution.

2x3 inches

Keeping with the same ratio 2:3, at Squared. one you can find 2x3" wallet-size photos that are perfect for keeping photos of your loved ones in the wallet or create a mini photo album.

5x7 inches

5x7 photo prints is a slightly larger typical print size. In centimeters the photo prints is 13x18 cm and is great for photo albums and scrapbooks as well as smaller photo frames for your desk or shelf. As for pixels, 1500 x 2100 pixels is most suitable.

Since the 5:7 aspect ratio is not usually used in cameras or smart phones, you will have to crop your photos. However thanks to Squared.one easy photo editor, your photos will be cropped automatically to the desired size and you will be able to adjust the crop to your liking in seconds.

4x4 inches

We will dive into square photo prints more deeply later but have to mention 4x4 photo prints (or 10x10 cm) as standard photo print size because it’s very popular. Although digital cameras and smart phones shoot in portrait or landscape mode, a lot of photos can be cropped to square. Aim for 1200 x 1200 pixels.

18x24 inches

One of the standard photo print sizes for framing and your wall is 12x18 photo print (30x45 cm). Squared.one offers this photo print size as wall art print (with the option to frame photos in wooden or aluminum frame) and canvas print. Since it’s a larger format, aim for 5400 x 7200 pixels and an aspect ratio of 3:4.

▮ Rectangular photo print sizes

As you could have seen from the standard photo print sizes list, rectangular photo prints are most popular. That is because most digital cameras and smart phones usually operate in rectangular aspect ratio. We’ve mentioned some of these photo print sizes above (4x6 prints and 5x7 prints) but there are a couple of others.

3.25×4 inches

These photo prints 3.25x4” (8x10 cm) are small so they will be perfect for any album where you want to fit a lot of photos. They are also the same format as our polaroid photos meaning you can create a cohesive look with these to photo print sizes.

3.5×5 inches

3.5x5” photo prints (9x13 cm) are very similar to 5x7” photos in terms of aspect ratio. If you like this ratio but need a smaller photo print size, we recommend trying 3.5x5” prints.

🟥 Square photo print sizes

Although square photo prints are not your typical photo print size since most cameras shoot in some form of rectangular photos, that doesn’t mean that square photo prints are any less interesting. They can compliment any rectangular photo prints or be displayed on their own. You can use them in a photo album or as wall art prints.

We’ve already mentioned 4x4 photo prints, let’s have a look at some other typical square photo print sizes.

5×5 inches

5x5” photo prints (13×13 cm) are perfect addition to standard photo print sizes like 4x6 prints or 5x7 prints meaning you can have unique photo album pages mixing all of these formats.

6×6 inches

6x6” photo prints (15×15 cm) are on the verge of normal photo prints sizes and larger prints. At Squared.one you can print 6x6 photos as a classic photo or wall art print with wooden or aluminum frame.

🎞️ Polaroid-style photo prints

Polaroid-style photos are very similar to square prints in a sense that you need a square photo as well even though the printed photo will have rectangular format. Thanks to our polaroid photos you can create prints with the iconic polaroid or instax frame without having to own an expensive camera. You can even choose a color of the frame, add a caption or catch any of your limited frame designs.

We offer polaroid photos in two different formats:

🤗 Wallet-size photos

Want to carry your favorite photos everywhere with you? Try our wallet size photos. They are cute and small and in six different sizes – some classic, some very unique. These formats are available as photo magnets and photo stickers as well.

🖼️ Large photo prints

Squared.one's large-format prints make a bold statement in wall decor or as a stunning centrepiece for gallery walls. Offering rectangular sizes suitable for portrait or landscape photos and square sizes, these prints will elevate your home decor while preserving the quality of your cherished memories. We’ve already mentioned 18x24” prints but there are several more options.

6×8 inches

6x8” prints are perfect for creating a small gallery wall or displaying a photo on your desk or shelf. Available as classic photo print or wall art print with optional frame.

8×12 inches

8x12” photo prints are standard photo print size for displaying photos on the wall. At Squared.one you can print this format as a classic photo, wall art print and even canvas print.

8×8 inches

8x8 photo print will compliment nicely to previously mentioned prints (6x8” or 8x12” prints). Available as a classic photo, wall art print and canvas print.

12x12 inches

12x12” photo prints will help you decorate your living room, bedroom or hallway and bring personal touch to any interior. Available as wall art print and canvas print.

20×27.5 inches

If you want your photos to really stand, try our largest photo format – 20x27.5” print. Choose your most cherished photo and create a beautiful statement piece.

🤩 Special photo print formats

Tired of standard photo prints sizes? Try these unique photo products:

Photo booth strips

Give your photos a retro look with photo strips inspired by the iconic photo booths. Choose from a variety of photo strip templates and number of photos. Our photo booth strips will make great bookmarks, gifts for your loved ones, magnets on your fridge or unique photo prints to keep in your photo album.

Photo collage

Can’t decide which photo to display? Create a photo collage with 35 or 70 photos on one poster. That way all your favorite photos are displayed in one place.

How to print standard photo print sizes

Printing photos at Squared.one is super easy and can be done in a couple of minutes. You don’t have to drive to a store, you can print photos from the comfort of your own home on your computer or when you’re out and about on your cell phone.

Follow these steps:

  1. Choose a photo product you want to print
    1. Standard photo prints size and polaroid style photos
    2. Wallet-size photo prints
    3. Wall art prints and framed prints
    4. Canvas photo prints
  2. Choose exact photo print size (e.g. 4x6” or 5x7”) and click on “Create”
  3. Upload photos from your phone, computer or even Instagram or Facebook account
  4. Adjust the crop, add frames and choose color for each frame. Some photo print sizes allow you to add a caption as well (for example polaroid photo 3.25x4” prints).
  5. Add your photos to the cart and start creating another product or proceed to checkout
  6. Wait for your prints to arrive
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