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How To Choose Modern Wall Art for the Living Room

Is your living room looking a bit dull or unfinished? The living room is the most important and most frequented room in our homes, so it’s important you feel your best in it. This means selecting not only the right furniture but also beautiful decorations and wall art that make you smile every time you walk past it. Check out our tips for choosing wall art for your living room and use your own photos to create beautiful masterpieces.

Start with the living room’s style and colors

Before you decide whether to choose canvas prints or wall art prints, think about the style and color palette of your living room. 🎨 Which colors dominate the room? Are you trying to give the room a Scandinavian, minimalist look? Or do you prefer everything to be vintage? These questions need to be considered because wall art with completely different colors 🖼 from the rest of the living room can look just as bad as bare walls. Of course, your style and the wall art you choose in the end are entirely up to you. You can never please everybody, so it is important that you, more than anyone, feel comfortable in your own living room.

Don't settle for the same old pictures everyone has at home. At Squared.one you can have wall art printed using your own photos.

Choosing photos for your wall art

At Squared.one, let your creativity run wild. You can have any photo printed as wall art, whether it is your favorite vacation photo, a photo of your children, 📸 or anything else you enjoy looking at that fits your living room decor. Check out the inspiration photos below. Keep the style and colors of your living room in mind when choosing photos. On the other hand, a little personality goes a long way and colorful photos of family and friends look beautiful even in minimalist living rooms. 😍

💡 Tip: Don't be afraid to try black-and-white prints. They stand out beautifully on the wall.

Why choose our wall art

  • At Squared.one you can have photos printed on canvas or Forex boards in sizes from 6x6” to 11.8x17.7”
  • Upload photos from your phone or cloud and edit them directly in our editor
  • Professional printing ensures that all details and colors stand out beautifully
  • We print on high-quality photo paper or canvas with a semi-gloss finish
  • We include hooks or stickers with your package, making mounting the picture on the wall a snap
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Find the right place for your wall art

Now that you have pre-selected photos, you have to decide how many pictures 🖼 you’ll order and where you’ll display them. The first place that probably comes to mind is the living room wall, especially directly above the sofa. 🛋 There are plenty of other places to display your favorite photos in addition to over the sofa. ✅

If you want to stick to the walls, you can use your pictures to fill any corner that seems empty - for instance, the small space between two windows, 🪟 where no other furniture fits. 🪑 Canvas prints in particular are made for hanging on the wall, but wall art can be created using prints on Forex board or large-format photographs.

Don't be afraid to venture away from the walls when choosing where to put wall art. Use smaller pictures to adorn your shelves, curio cabinets, or end tables. Thanks to their smaller size, you don’t have to worry so much about the color palette and style of the living room. Feel free to select any variety of photos, 📸 even if they don’t fit the color scheme of your living room perfectly.

Create a gallery wall

  • A large, stand-alone painting over the sofa is overdone - decorate your living room unconventionally and create your own gallery wall using several smaller pictures
  • A gallery wall is a grouping of several pictures of different sizes on the wall in such a way that creates an interesting shape
  • The layout is up to you - you can use just a few of your own photos, choose several paintings in combination with family photos, incorporate nature photography, etc. Get inspired how to arrange pictures on the wall
  • Experiment with materials, combine framed paintings with canvas prints, or include other decorative items
  • Read our complete tutorial on how to create your own gallery wall
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Don't forget additional decorative pieces

Be careful not to overdo it – a picture in each and every corner is not what you want. Try adding a shelf somewhere - you can decorate it with a few smaller photos, as well as plants, 🪴 a nice vase, or candles. 🕯 Leave some spaces empty to not completely overclutter your living space.

Purchase wall art

Ordering prints with Squared.one is easy. We offer several types of wall art so that everyone can find what suits them:

If you would like to combine several photos into one picture, check out our photo poster for only $39. You can select 35 or 70 photos to create a collage filled with your favorite memories

Once you have chosen which product is right for you, it is time to choose the photos themselves. Upload photos to our editor from your phone, 📱 computer 🖥 or cloud. In most cases, you don't have to worry about the photo’s quality. However, if any of the photos are of insufficient quality, you will be notified by the editor.

Edit the photos in the editor, select exactly which area crop will appear in the picture so that the result is exactly what you want. ✅ Then add the product to your cart, input payment information, and wait with excitement for your stunning prints to arrive.

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