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How To Download Pics and Videos From Instagram + Stories, IGTV, Carousel posts

Do you want to download a photo or video from Instagram, but don't know how? 📲 Instagram still does not allow you to download a photo straight to your phone with just one click. But don't be sad. We have an overview of several websites and applications for iOS and Android, where you can download very easily.

Kateřina Tobišková
April 26, 2019

While you can “like” or bookmark a photo so you can watch it later, there is no way to download Instagram photos directly from the app. Last year, Instagram added a new feature that allows you to organize saved posts. You can create a file inside the app for all your favorite destinations, foodie dreams or pets. These pictures are easy to access, although you still need an Instagram app and internet connection.

Need to download a photo from Instagram or save the video to your computer? We have a simple guide for you on how to do this:

1️⃣ Click on https://inflact.com

2️⃣ Select what you want to download (photo, video, stories, profile picture etc.)

3️⃣ Copy the URL (link) of the Instagram post and paste (in some cases Inflact needs only username)

4️⃣ The photo will appear below

5️⃣ Click download and that's it

Step by step ⬇️

Still not sure? Learn how to download Instagram photo or video from Inflact step by step!

1) Open the instagram photo you want to download in the browser and click on the "..." icon in the right corner

3) In a new window, open Inflact downloader and paste the copied link from Instagram

4) Click on Download and photos will appear below

How to easily download your favorite posts from your desktop?

Not satisfied with Inflact? Here are other services that you can use to download Instagram photos.


InstaOffline supports the instagram photo downloader for photos, videos, images, IGTV and carousel posts with multiple images or videos. The website has a clean and user-friendly interface making it easy for anyone to use. It works across all platforms so you'll enjoy the same user experience whether you're on your iPhone or your PC. Best of all the website doesn't have any annoying advertisements. We recommend this service.

InstaOffline supports downloading photos from carousel posts.

How to download photos from cell phone

There are a number of applications for both iPhone and Android for downloading photos directly from your mobile phone. We recommend this ones ⬇️


For mobile users we recommend the InstaSave app, which is suitable for both iOS and Android. Unlike other apps, InstaSave is easy to use. If you exceed the limit of 10 downloads, you can just watch a commercial and start downloading again. You can use it for downloading photos as well as videos.

A little gift for instagrammers: You know that sometimes you want to repost something really beautiful or repost when your customer posts an unboxing video and you want to really share it. Don't worry. There are easy ways to do it.


If you just want to repost a picture or video from another user, you don't have to necessarily download it. InstaRepost was made for simple and clean reposts, with no frames or watermarks. With this web app, you can easily repost any photo or video from any public Instagram profile. No more screenshots!

How to Download Carousel Posts

Downloading carousel posts works the same as downloading a single photo. Just paste the URL of the carousel post to Inflact and hit Download.

Below there will appear all the photos from the carousel post. You can download them individually or download them all at once.

How to Download IGTV videos?

1️⃣ Open the instagram profile from which you want to download the video in the browser and copy its nickname / username - we will show you an example on our profile. We will copy "squared.one".

2️⃣ In a new window, open the website ingramer.com/tools/instagram-stories-downloader and enter a nickname in the free window.

3️⃣ Click on “search”

4️⃣ Here you can find IGTV videos from the profile of the user you are looking for. Choose the ones you want to download and click on "download" next to a specific video. The video will download automatically.

… and done! You see, just a few simple steps.

Downloading the Instagram stories

What about instagram stories? You appeared on your friend’s profile and you want to keep the video to yourself. But before your friend sends it to you, you'd forget about it, right? The procedure is almost identical. You can easily download the video from his profile:

1️⃣ Open the instagram profile from which you want to download the video in the browser and copy its nickname / username. What about "michelleobama"?

2️⃣ Open the website in a new window: ingramer.com/tools/ins... and enter a nickname in the free window

3️⃣ Click on “search”

4️⃣ All stories will appear to you - Choose the ones you want to download and click on "download" next to a specific story

... You can download older stories but you must register on the web for this feature.

Videos cannot be downloaded from private profiles, only public ones!

Download your whole profile

Do you want to download all pictures and stories from your instagram? Are you mad because you have to download each post separately? We are not surprised, we would not want to do that either. That's why we have a great tip for you right on Instagram!

1️⃣ Click on your profile in the toolbar and then on "Settings".

2️⃣ A table with various options will appear. Click on "Privacy and Security".

3️⃣ Scroll down the page below, you will find “Download Data”. Click on “Request Download”.

4️⃣ Enter your email. Then click on "request download". Wait for the email - it can take several hours.

… done! Save your data and you will never lose your digital memories.

What to do with your downloaded photos?

Already downloaded your pictures? Time to print them 💙

  • download photos from your friends's account, prin it and surprise them with a thoughtful gift
  • use photos as a mobile wallpaper or stick them on your actual wall
Print easily right from your Instagram with Squared.One

Squared greatly values the whole instagram community. We do not want to support the unfair distribution of stolen photos. We would just like to make it easier for users who want to surprise their friends with an original gift in the form of their printed instagram photos or put a photo of their favorite instagram on the wall. Follow our Instagram for current articles and inspiration! 💜

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