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While in the time of analog cameras, printing pictures was the only way how to actually see the holiday or family photos, today it's quite the opposite. Photos mainly stay in galleries of our smartphones or laptops hoping to be printed someday. But hand to heart - when did you last print your photos? We have several tips on how to transfer your digital memories to paper in a few minutes

July 10, 2019

Print photos from your Instagram, Smartphones or PC/Mac. Choose photo product that fits your style:

Buy accessories as well: we have great washi tapes, wooden stands, or gift vouchers.

Let's see how Squared.one products look 👇

Printing photos has never been easier 📷
Print pictures that look even better than Polaroids.

Polaroid-like Retro Prints

Decided to print your smartphone pictures or Instagram feed? Go for our Polaroid-style photos.

You can put them in your family album, wrap them up as a gift or stick on the wall with washi tape.

  • Choose from three photo sizes /with or without a Polaroid frame/ ($0.39 per piece)

💡TIP: You can print directly from your Smartphone or Instagram

- just open Squared.one on your phone

- choose a product

- sign in to your Instagram account through our web app.

Wall Art Prints

In love with wall art homedecor? Go for it! We print several big format prints that are just perfect for wall art decorating.

  • Wall Squares are photos printed on thick plastic board. Choose from three sizes. (from $7.45)
  • Poster is a place for your 35 or 70 photos with nice white frame. ($39)
  • Large photo printed to the smallest detail and highest quality colors on satin paper. ($39)

💡TIP: Get a wall art homedecor inspiration in our blog post.

Square Prints, a Photo Poster or Large Photo Print. Get your pictures some space!
Personalized Photo Magnets from Instagram or Smartphone.

Sticky Fridge Magnets

Custom Photo Magnets are especially popular as a gift for mums and grannies. It's also a nice souvenir or decoration. We offer three types of sticky fridge magnets:

  • Round Magnets ($1.55/pc)
  • Square Magnets ($1.55/pc)
  • Magnetic Puzzle with 9 pieces ($9.95/pc)

💡🧒 TIP: Check out a blog post about how to use magnets as a decoration and also fun kids activity!

    It's time to make your fridge even cooler with some sticky magnets.
    Best memories belong in a Photo Book.

    Photo Book

    Photo Book is a great way how to preserve your best photographs. It can be a work portfolio, wedding album or a travel diary filled with your Instagram pictures. Choose from two options:

    • Photo Book with light paper pages and a thick book board cover with optional cover photo print. ($19)
    • Lay Flat Photo Album with paperboard pages and printed natural book board cover. (from $32)

    🌈 Choose from six book spine colors.

    💡📕💍 Looking for wedding photo book inspiration and tips? Take a look at our blog post.

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