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How to create the best wall art easily and quickly

Have you been planning to take photos for a long time? And what about decorating the wall with them? Thanks to a simple online editor, it only takes a few minutes to create a photo image. Turn white walls into a photo gallery quickly and easily!

Would you like to keep your favorite experiences nearby? Turn them into pictures on the wall and create yourself a home gallery. You can develop large formats and posters with photocollages, which we print on high-quality photo paper. But if you want your photos to survive unscathed for many years, we recommend wall art prints from your photos, in which the photo paper is stuck to a sturdy plastic Forex board so it cannot bend or crease. Where to start?

How to get a photo on the wall?

1) Choose the number of photos

Do you want to have wall art for each photo, or have more photos on one? It's up to you. In any case, we recommend to create a special folder for your photos to see if they go together. It's also a good idea to think about whether you want to stick the photos on the wall or hang them.

The more, the better

As the architect Robert Venturi said, "Less is a Bore" when he reacted to the well-known statement less is more.
If you want more photos, a photo poster is a clear choice! You can choose from two variants

In both cases, it is a large-format photograph 19¾×27½″ on high-quality satin photo paper Fujicolor Crystal Archive DP II. Unfortunately, no other number of photos is possible to print. The poster arrives wrapped in a cardboard box (not rolled) so that it cannot be damaged along the way. We recommend buying a wooden poster hanger.

🔅 Our tip: If you opt for a photo poster, you don't have to edit the photos into a square shape in advance - you can do it comfortably in our editor.

One photo is enough

Are you into saying less is more? If you decide to print individual photos, you have two options:

They differ in available formats and material strength. However, they are always developed on high-quality photo paper in the maximum photographic quality. How to choose the right variant? The following overview will help you.

Wall art prints

  • The photo image is a digitally printed photo stuck onto Forex (plastic plate 5 mm thick).
  • It has a semi-matt surface and is printed on premium photo paper.
  • On the back you will find a hook for hanging and wall stickers - you don't have to worry about anything.
  • You can print a photo to the entire board, or add a white or colored frame to it in the editor.
  • Possibility to choose between white or black base Forex plate (no extra charge).
  • You can also add a wooden or aluminum frame at an additional cost.
  • Available dimensions: 6×6″, 6×8,3″, 8,3×8,3″, 8,3x11,8″, 11,8×11,8″ and 11,8x17,7″.

Large photo prints

  • Photos are made by direct exposure of classic photo paper.
  • We use high-quality semi-matt / satin Fujicolor Crystal Archive DP II photo paper.
  • You can print the photo on the entire surface, or add a white 1½″ wide frame.
  • The photos will arrive in a cardboard package, so they cannot be damaged along the way.
  • Available dimension: 19¾×27½″

+ Why don't we print on canvas?

We want you to be as satisfied as possible with our products, so we only offer photo images for which we can guarantee maximum print quality. From our point of view, printing photos on canvas is not the optimal solution and it is a pity that customers often do not know that there are other - better options. The photo canvas is inherently embossed, which makes it impossible to achieve the same print quality as on the premium photo papers that we use in our wall art. They probably appeared because there was an interest in getting as close to a painting as possible (which in history has been overwhelmingly realized on canvas). However, the print will never replace the hand painting, which is why we decided to take the path of uncompromising quality and we are not offering photos on canvas.

Advantages of photos on a forex board:

  • The highest quality printing possible thanks to premium photo paper
  • The surface does not suffer from changes in humidity like a stretched canvas - it never scratches or sags
  • Two variants of wall mounting thanks to low weight - can be hung or stuck onto the wall
  • Possibility of framing into a wooden or aluminum frame
  • Full screen or with printed frame (any frame color)

2) Prepare your photos

Depending on the selected product, prepare a photo folder from which you will create wall art or a photo poster. Think carefully about what size you really want - a piece of paper that you cut into size and try on the wall will help. You can make wall art from Instagram or Facebook photos as well as from a computer or mobile phone.

Organize your photos in one place so you can choose them better. It is best to use high-quality photos straight from the camera or phone - but don't worry, if they are not quality enough, our system will alert you with an exclamation mark.

🔅 Our tip: In the case of a poster, try to choose photos that match in color. You can determine their order yourself, or have it randomly generated in the editor.

3) Edit photos directly in the editor

Edit photos for printing quickly and easily with our editor. What can be done?

  • Do not adjust the size and cropping of the photos in advance, you can do everything in the editor using the pencil button.
  • You can upload more photos and then choose the right ones directly in the editor.
  • If you are creating a poster, you can change the order of photos just by using drag and drop.
  • Directly in the editor, you can also choose whether you want a frame (slider Frame borders) and which color you want.

Don't be scared, the editor will automatically crop to the target size after uploading the photo, but you can easily adjust the crop using the pencil icon.

4) Think twice and check the cutouts

Before adding the goods to the basket, the system will ask you if you want to check the cuts. Your photos are automatically uploaded to the output format, but you can always edit the cutout using the pencil buttons on each one. If you want to edit a product that you already have in your cart, just click on its name or pencil icon and send it back to the editor and change it. Then you can just look forward to a package that will arrive soon.

Did you decide?

If you are still hesitant to choose, we can help you with the article How to display photos and pictures at home in which you will find the necessary inspiration. You already know how to create wall art, but we also have a manual on how to create the best photo book. That's not enough? You can still make photo magnets at home (DIY)!

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