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Wedding scrapbook

Cherish all the beautiful memories from your wedding and create a wedding scrapbook. Our scrapbooking kit contains everything you need, including a photo album and a $25 gift card to print photos.

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The kit includes

  • Large spiral-bound album with paper pages in 3 color options
  • $25 gift card for printing your photos at Squared.one
  • 2 gel pens in different colors
  • 2 washi tapes in different colors/patterns
  • 4 sheets of mounting corners for attaching photos

Three color options for the photo album

You can choose from three color options for your album

  • Beige and pink photo album
  • Blue photo album with gray leaves
  • Black photo album
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The design is entirely up to you

The advantage of the scrapbook with mounting corners is that the layout of the photos and the choice of sizes is completely up to you. Combine classic photo formats with Polaroid-style photos and create a unique wedding album. You don't have to include just photos - add flowers from your bouquet and other trinkets from your wedding day.

The most beautiful photo for the cover

The hardcover wedding album has a cut-out in the middle to display your favorite wedding photo. Include a photo of your first kiss, a candid moment, or one from your professional wedding photographer. You can add a caption to the cover with your names and wedding date, as well as other photos.

42 pages full of love

The wedding scrapbook from Squared.one contains 42 pages that you can fill with wedding photos, captions, decorations, and other embellishments. One page fits 4 small 3¼×4″ (8×10 cm) and 4x4” (10×10cm) photos, two larger 4x6” (10×15cm) or 4 3¼×4″ (8×10cm) polaroids.

Wedding gift

A wedding scrapbook kit is also the perfect gift if you are attending a wedding. The newlyweds will find everything they need in the kit and the choice of photos will be entirely up to them.

Treasure your wedding memories

Weddings mean plenty of photos. In addition to your wedding scrapbook, you can have wedding photos printed as canvas prints, photo collages, magnets, or if you don't feel like spending time on a scrapbook, create a wedding photo book in our editor in a matter of a few minutes.

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How to make a scrapbook

Not sure how to start a photo album or scrapbook? We'll give you step-by-step advice on how you too can create a beautiful keepsake.

Wedding gifts to delight all newlyweds

Help the newlyweds cherish all the memories from their big day and give them a beautiful wedding gift. Choose from one of our six photo-filled gift tips.

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