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Low Cost Wedding Photo Gifts

Wedding season is here. With every invitation being delivered to your door, there comes the question - what to give as a wedding gift? We created a list of the best personalized wedding gifts for every budget that will be cherished by the bride and groom for years to come.

July 09, 2017

Gifts under $25

You've probably met the bride and groom many years ago and you had some great time together. That also means there are plenty of funny pictures that were taken during these days. Why not to take all these great moments and print them so they can be preserved and laughed at forever? To make them even more special, you can add colourful frames, emoji or personalised text. Pictures and magnets are the easiest. You can choose how many you want, starting at 15 pieces.

Photos and photo magnets

Retro prints or photo magnets?


Or make them a photobook! The trick is to download pictures from their instagram (How to download pictures from instagram here.). For sure they will be touched and surprised while unpacking the gifts. ❤️

Photobook with love.

Gifts under $45


From time to time, even a big love needs a life-saver. Make them a poster with their pictures. Map their history! Give them something that will remind them of their love story every day. If you want, you can frame it.

Great addition to every flat, you can't go wrong with this lovely decoration.

Photo album

Celebrate a special occassion with an original gift idea. Our beautiful photo album will make sure that the best memories will be always handy. Every couple needs their own bestseller.

The nicest moments from last summer.

Gifts under $60

Gift card

Gift card is not a very original gift, but especially after wedding everybody has dozens of pictures. This time, there's no need to worry about originality, be practical and give them what they really appreciate.

Leave it to them. 💕

Print the card with your own picture!

Our gift card is a solution for a lot of wedding pictures! There are two types, one for $25 and the second for $50. But of course it is possible to choose the price yourself. Do you want to have your personalized gift card? Let us know on our Facebook profile. We can print the card with your or theirs picture on it.

Your own picture on gift card? Alright!

This gift will cheer them up. Definitely!

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