Wedding gift inspiration full of photos and memories

Wedding season is here! However, along with each invitation, there also comes the stress of what to get the newlyweds. Are you looking for a unique wedding gift that will bring joy without breaking the bank? We have plenty of tips for wedding gifts under $25 as well as under $45. With Squared.one, you can create a beautiful gift for the lovebirds using photos of them to help them remember their most precious relationship memories.

June 15, 2019

Choosing a wedding gift can be a hassle. What will make both the bride and the groom happy? How much should you spend? 💝 The easiest way is to go straight to the newlyweds and ask or stick to their registry. If the newlyweds want money for their wedding gift, you can get creative and wrap the money in a creative way. For example, try money origami or hide the bills in a bottle or box of chocolates. 😉

Or, if the choice of a wedding gift is up to you, gather your favorite photos of the couple and give them one of the photo products below. ⬇️

A wedding gift that won’t disappoint

Gift card for photos or wedding photo book

Each couple will have countless amounts of beautiful photos from the wedding. It would be a shame to never have them printed. Give the newlyweds a gift card for printing photos or create a wedding photo book with all their favorite wedding photos. You can buy gift cards in denominations of $25 or $50.


Affordable wedding gifts – under $25

A wedding gift doesn't have to be expensive to make the newlyweds happy. 🤗 Are you attending a friend's wedding? Gather all your photos 📸 with the bride and groom from trips, school, gatherings, and other memories. Have them printed or make photo magnets for the fridge. 🧲

Photo Prints

A bundle of photos is a great gift for many reasons. Newlyweds can create a collage of photos, keep them stored as mementos, or put them in a photo album. Print photos in classic or Polaroid styles, add different colored frames and captions. You can select photos from your mobile phone, computer, or even download them from the newlyweds' Instagram.

Starting at $0.39 per piece

Photo Magnets

There is no better decoration for the fridge than magnets with your own photos. Decorate your favorite couple's fridge with photos of them or photos of all of you together. Combine different shapes, add a frame or a caption. Try heart-shaped magnets, the obvious choice for weddings.

Starting at $1.29 per piece

Wedding gifts under $45

Photo Book

Are the newlyweds active on Instagram or other social media? Download photos capturing their relationship, sort them chronologically, and create a photo book of their love story for their wedding gift. And if you can't find enough photos, give them a gift card to create their own.


Photo Poster

Do you want your gift to be seen? In this case, our photo poster is a clear choice. It can hold 35 or 70 photos and is a great addition to any home! The collage of selfies, travel photos and pets will stand out beautifully in a nice frame.

Starting at $39.00

Last-minute wedding gift

The wedding is in a few days and you still don't have a wedding gift? No problem, with Squared.one, in addition to printed gift cards, we also offer electronic ones, which will arrive in your email just a few minutes after purchasing. Print the certificate and give the newlyweds a chance to print their own wedding photo book, photos, or magnets.

Get involved in the wedding planning

Planning a wedding can be difficult and time-consuming. Therefore, some couples will be happy if you lend a helping hand with the preparations. For example, help choose the wedding venue, 💒 a wedding photographer, 📸 or put together ideas for wedding decorations (get inspired by our article on using photos for wedding decorations).

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