Fabulous photos

Glossy photos on high-quality photograph paper. Customize the frame color and make it match with the photo motif. You can also add text to the lower portion of the border!

  • Small 3¼ × 4″
    $ 0.37 / pcs
  • Medium 4 × 6″
    $ 0.79 / pcs
  • Big 5 × 7″
    $ 1.23 / pcs
Production time is two business days.
  • Free shipping for orders over $30.
  • Worldwide shipping price is $5.
  • Free design photo covers.
  • You can make any photos from your drive and small photos also from Instagram.
  • Don't crop and resize the photos, everything can be adjusted during the order.
  • We deliver by post.
  • Material: high-quality Fuji paper with glossy surface.
  • The minimum order for 3¼×4″ formats is 15 photos.
  • The minimum order for 4×6″ formats is 12 photos.
  • The minimum order for 5×7″ format is 10 photos.
Product feature rectangle image
Product feature square image

Our Tip:

In an album, on the wall or even use as a bookmark. It's up to you what you''ll do with your photos.

Product feature square image

Free Design Cover

Comes with a free handmade photo cover. For everyone.

Product feature square image

Colorful Borders

Choose any border color which fits the motif of your photo.

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Captions and emojis

You can add captions and emojis 😻

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Gallery of all your #squaredone photos from Instagram
  • @minimaliving: Hello Tuesday! 🌷💚💕
  • @derbackbube: 🇩🇪 #4daysofgiveaways 🎉 Ihr kennt @squared.deutschland noch nicht? Dann schaut mal auf meinem Blog vorbei. Da findet ihr ein kleines Interview und 10 tolle Give Aways für euch - hinterlasst einfach einen Kommentar auf dem Blog #werbung #linkimprofil #squaredone #oldschool #photo #win #voucher #goodluck
  • @camilledea: These past few days have been a bit tough, with a lot of work to do and a demoralizing weather. So I'm very glad @squared.deutschland sent me some of my favourite Instagram pictures, printed like polaroids and protected in a cute little album. Thank you, it really brighten up my day ! #squaredone
  • @blog.stabrawa: Dzisiaj jest dzień dziecka, więc postanowiłam (w końcu!) zrobić Liliankowy album 👧🏼 Dzięki @squared.polska za wydruk zdjęć 🎠 #zdjęcia #pamiątka #album #dzieńdziecka #kwiaty #stokrotki #photos #flatlay #onthetable #woodentable #daisy #coffee #squaredone #instaphoto #rumianek #camomile
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