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How to Print Polaroid Style Photos

Polaroids are everywhere. Do you want to preserve your memories with popular Polaroid-style prints, but don't want to invest in an expensive camera or extra film? We can help you print photos in retro style using any photo at fraction of the price.

What are Polaroids?

Let’s first be clear about what Polaroids are. Polaroids are photos taken on a Polaroid camera that instantly produce a Polaroid photo with the well-known border around it. 📸 Polaroid film is available with white borders, or with different colors or fun patterns.

The first Polaroid camera was released in 1948 and was called the Polaroid 95. 📷 The term Polaroid refers to the company, the cameras, and the photos. The Fujifilm Instax camera, first released in 1998, prints similar photos.

Instant Cameras vs. Digital Instant Cameras

Since the first Polaroid camera was introduced in 1948, the range of products has expanded greatly. Today, retro photography enthusiasts have several camera models to choose from. Classic instant cameras bring the magic of the moment. ✨ You take a photo and in a few moments, you have the physical print in your hands. 🌉🏞 The downside is that you can't choose from multiple images or edit the photo in any way. This problem is at least partially solved by digital instant cameras - you can choose from multiple images or even create a collage. 📸 However, the photos are usually not very good quality and you have to carry the expensive camera with you at all times. 👜

Alternatives to Polaroid Cameras

Polaroid and Instax cameras are very trendy today, but they aren’t always practical. The camera itself and the constant need to buy film gets quite expensive. You also have to carry it around with you all the time to make sure you capture at least some of your most special moments.

A great alternative to these cameras is to have your photos printed as polaroid style photos at Squared.one. The advantage is that you can use any photo to create a retro photo - from your mobile phone, digital camera, or social media. You can use photos you took today or those you took ten years ago. ✅ What’s more, photos are printed on premium photo paper (glossy and matte), you can add any color frame, 🌈 and choose from 3 different sizes - 2×2.75″ (5×7 cm), 3.25×4″ (8×10 cm), or 4×5″ (10×13 cm).

Compare the Dimensions

Classic Polaroids

  • Polaroid: 3.4x4.2" – photo inside: 3.0625x3.125"
  • Instax Mini – 3.4x2.1” – 2.4x1.8”
  • Instax Square – 3.4x2.8” – 2.4x2.4”
  • Instax Wide – 3.4x4.25” – 2.4x3.9”
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In the photos below, you can see a side-by-side comparison of our 3.25×4″ and 4×5″ prints with classic 3.4x4.2" Polaroids (Polaroid always on the right).

What to Do with Polaroid Photos?

There are many things you can do with polaroids prints. You can create a collage on your wall, stick them on a bulletin board, or keep them in a photo album. 📒 Find plenty of inspiration in our article, 10 Ways to Display Polaroid Photos.

There’s no need to invest in an expensive camera - print retro photos with us!

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