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Photo Scrapbook: How-to, tips, and inspiration

Do you enjoy DIY? Why not try scrapbooking? Make a scrapbook filled with photos, clippings, stickers, and drawings. We'll give you tips on how it’s done, where to get everything you need, and even some inspiration for what your scrapbook can look like.

What does scrapbooking entail?

Scrapbooking albums are empty photo albums used for arranging photo prints, clippings, tickets, and memorabilia. Scrapbooking is a way to document special moments such as a baby's first year, holidays, or university experiences. People are decorating their scrapbooking albums with drawings, text, calligraphy, stickers, and stamps. It's the perfect way to create a unique photo book to remember all your important memories for the next 20 years and more! ❤️ Let's see what you need to get started with your scrapbook.

How to make a scrapbook

1. What you need

  • Photo album - A large scrapbook with paper pages
  • Photos - Dig through all the photos you have at home and print some more. For example, try our Polaroid-style photos or classic prints in different sizes. Mix and match to add some variety to your scrapbook.
  • Washi tapes - If there is just one thing you need to buy, it’s definitely washi tape. Use washi tape to attach photos and other embellishments and decorate the entire scrapbook at the same time.
  • Photo mounting corners - Don't want to glue your photos? Use photo corners and you can easily put photos in them. It's not a problem to change them up often.
  • Colored markers - Add captions, messages, and notes. Where was the photo taken? What did you eat on your trip? It's all worth recording with gel pens, colored markers, or other pencils.
  • Stickers - Do you have cute custom stickers lying around at home? Here’s the perfect opportunity to put them on display. And if you don't happen to have stickers, check out our scrapbook stickers.
  • Colored paper and envelopes – Buy several different colored papers and small envelopes at the office supply store for storing messages or even photos.

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2. Plan your scrapbook

Before you start adding photos, messages, drawings, and getting creative with your scrapbook, be sure to make a plan first.

  • Who is the scrapbook for? The style of the scrapbook will depend on the recipient. Are you creating a scrapbook for yourself as a keepsake or as a gift for a partner, friend, or family member? If it’s a gift, be sure to check out our article on how to create a photo album as a gift for more inspiration.
  • Create a chronological story - Tell your story month by month. Pick the best photos and write down all the fun events you got to experience so you don't forget anything.
  • Create a collage - Cut out all sorts of clippings, different cut-outs, and words from your favorite magazine. Don't be afraid to write down your thoughts and feelings and paste them in the scrapbook.

Get inspired

3. Making your scrapbook

Once you’ve got it all planned, start creating.

  • What to write in the scrapbook? Simply narrate what is happening in the photos and include details from the experience. You can also highlight the funniest moment or recall inside jokes from the trip. Jot down memories between the lines that will make you laugh years later.
  • How to decorate the scrapbook? In addition to clippings, photos, stickers, and mementos, you can include a pressed flower, a bow, or make a card with a message.
  • Leave room for surprises – Small envelopes, sealed messages, or flipped photos make the scrapbook more interactive.

4. And you're done!

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