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How to create a children's book from illustrations and photos

Do you want to surprise your children with an original book with their photos? Thanks to our online editor, creation of the photo book will take you only a few minutes. We will advise you how to do it!

A photo book full of photos of your children and their creations - does that sound like an unworkable plan? At the online photo lab Squared.one you can do it with ease and you will also design the book yourself. No time wasted at the computer installing programs or applications. Create everything online in a few minutes, even from your mobile phone. All you have to do is decide whether you want a photo book with firm or light sheets and then customize it.

How to create a photo book?

1) Choose a topic

The most difficult thing about creating a photo book is choosing the right photos. Clearly choose the topic so that the book will make a unified impression. Create a book of memories or one that immortalizes your children's artwork. You can use photos from Instagram, Facebook, your computer or mobile phone.

  • create a folder on your computer where you can copy the photos that you would like to have in the book
  • edit photos that do not match the others (check out the best apps for editing photos) or replace them
  • don't crop the photos in advance, you can do it directly in the order editor
  • use high quality photos directly from the camera or phone (our system will alert you of low quality with an exclamation mark)

2) Download Illustrations or Scan the Artwork

Illustrations will beautifully complement any photo book. You can draw them on white paper and scan them or search them in illustration databases for free. Which ones do we reccomend?

You can also use scanned children's drawings and photographs of their other creations.

If you download illustrations in an .eps file (curves), you must convert them to an image file (.jpg or .png) before placing them in the book. Various converters, such as Zamzar, will help you with it.

3) Choose the type of photo book and its cover

We divide photo books into two categories:

You can choose from two types of covers:

  • Paper covers with printed both front and back of the book
  • Hard cover made of natural cardboard with UV print (only front) and colored bookbinding

Photobooks vary by the thickness of the pages and the type of binding. However, they are always printed using digital printing in maximum photographic quality. What are the specific differences and how to choose the right photo book for you?

Softcover photo books

  • A photo book with thin pages and V1 or V2 binding is the most affordable option.
  • It has a capacity of 20-120 pages and is suitable for regularly developing your family moments and experiences from weekend trips.
  • The sheets turn easily - as with a regular book

Layflat photo book with solid sheets

  • The photo book with hard pages can hold 20-80 pages and thanks to the flat binding you can open the book anywhere without a gap in the middle.
  • Thanks to its strengths, it will last forever and is resistant to touch and frequent opening.
  • Ideal for little kids who want to see everything repeatedly.

4) Let's create it!

When editing a book, you can easily imagine what it will look like in real life. You can also click on the preview button and browse the book.

  • You can upload all photos at once at the beginning and then choose and compose a book from them.
  • If needed, you can easily shuffle the photos or change their position by dragging them from page to page.
  • If you have chosen a binding color that does not suit you, you can change it at any time.

⚠️ Don't want to lose the layout of the photos in the book? Create an account or log in, the system saves your book continuously. You can return to it at any time.

5) Combine layouts

We have carefully prepared a number of schemes that go together and you can combine them in your photo book. It's up to you whether you prefer pure photo compositions or want to add text to your photos. In the editor, you can choose from pre-prepared page layouts, which will make you a professional graphic designer.

  • On the double page, you can show a short story with more photos.
  • One big photo across both sides also looks nice.
  • Add the photos in the book at first and then adjust the crop of every photo

You don't have to care about the photos being arranged in the book according to when they were taken. Something more important is how they go together with the other on the page. Take note of what impression they make - how they match each other's colors or if there is a good contrast of details.

Watch our video tutorial:

6) Done? You'll have the book at home in a few days!

After ordering and paying for the book, it goes into production so it is no longer possible to edit it. Before placing the order, it is good to check whether there is any typo left, if you cropped the photo correctly, or if a page remained blank. The best way to do it is to look at the preview of the book. Then you can just look forward to the package that will arrive to you soon.

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