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Ultimate Guide to Gluing Photos

The advantage of classic photo albums is that you can arrange your photos however you want. The pages of the photo album are a blank slate, giving you plenty of room for creativity. But you need to think about how to stick the photos in the album. We'll show you a few ways you can attach photos to your photo album.

Corner Mounts for Photos

One of the most popular ways to attach photos to an album is with photo mounting corners. How do photo corners work? They are self-adhesive corners with a slit for inserting the photo. The photo is not glued in the album but only inserted into the corners. You can take it out or replace it without damaging the photo in any way.

You can choose corner mounts with a simple design to make the photos stand out. Or, you can also choose interesting designs that add a touch of glamour to your album. At squared.one we offer minimalist mounting corners and corners with colorful patterns in packs of 102 or 24. Don't be afraid to mix and match different patterns and colors.

Photo glue

Photo glue is a common method for attaching photos, so it can't be missing from our list. The best scrapbooking glue is specifically designed for gluing photos and other paper products. At Squared.one, we offer Coccoina photo glue. It is natural (made only from potato starch and almond extract), non-toxic and safe for children, and smells like marzipan!

If you like a minimalistic look for your album and want your photos to be the main focus of the page, photo glue is the best choice.

Which photo glue to choose

  • Glue sticks—classic adhesive, convenient application, available in two sizes 20g and 40g
  • Glue paste tin with brush 125g—maximum control over glue application thanks to the brush. You won't end up using an excessive amount of glue and the application is very smooth
  • Liquid glue with sponge tip 50g—ideal for perfectionists, you can adjust the position from the moment the photo is glued to before it dries to ensure the photo is properly aligned

Glue dots for photos

How to stick photos in the photo album without getting dirty or sticky? Glue Dots! The dispenser makes applying these adhesive dots quick and easy. You can apply one dot to one spot or several in a row. Glue dots attach photos to albums, but can also be used for other paper products. They’re the perfect companion for scrapbooking. At squared.one we offer two types of glue dots for pictures. The permanent dots attach the photos and won't let them fall out of place. Removable dots can be taken off after use without damaging the photo or the album paper.

Washi tape

If you want to give your photo album a unique look, use washi tapes to attach the photos to the album. You can combine different colors and patterns. You can also vary the ways you use washi tape to stick the photos. Tape one photo all around or just add little pieces of tape to the corners. The possibilities are endless.

Washi tapes are a beautiful decoration for any photo album. Even if you don't choose to use washi tapes for attaching photos, you can certainly use them as decoration for your album or scrapbook.

Circle and heart stickers

Self-adhesive circles and hearts are cute stickers that you can use not only for decoration but also as a way to stick your photos in the album. Just stick circles or hearts over two corners of the photo and you will create a very interesting photo album look. The circle and heart stickers come in different colors and sizes.

Photo stickers

Not a fan of photo glue or photo corners? Then photo stickers are the way to go. Our photo stickers are photos developed on photo paper and glued to a self-adhesive film. They are standard photo prints that you can stick to a photo album, journal cover, or mobile phone without using glue. We offer photo stickers in six different shapes and sizes.

Which of these methods for attaching photos do you prefer?

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