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How To Print Photos from Smartphone or Instagram

In times of analog cameras, printing photos was the only way how to actually see the holiday or family pictures. In digital era, taking pictures became our daily bread, but instead of printing the pictures, we post it on social media. So if you are looking for a way how to print prictures from your mobile device or Instagram - you have come to the right place. Let's wee what you can do with your digital memories 👇

Squared.one - an easy way to print phone pictures

Want to develop photos directly from your phone? It's quick and super easy. 📱📷

  • Open your mobile internet browser and type Squared.one (or simply click here).
  • Choose a photo product you like (polaroid style photos)
  • Pick favourite photos from your mobile gallery you wish to print!

TIP: if you select shipping with FedEx, you can expect your photo package within 3 days.

Decorate your wall with polaroid style pictures, posters and much more with Squared.one.

Print phone photos with just a few clicks. You can choose custom photo products and create personalized decorations or gifts:

Print family photos right from your phone 🐶

Decided to print retro polaroid prints? We have three photo sizes:

  • Small photos 3¼×4″ ($0.39/pc)
  • Square photos 4×4″ ($0.59/pc)
  • Big photos 4×6″ ($0.79/pc)

💡TIP: Write captions into white polaroid frames and add emojis (💕 ✌️), change the colour of the frame 🌈 and don't forget to check cropping of your images ✂️.

🔺❗️Do you see an exclamation mark next to your photos saying they have low quality?🔺❗️

Don't panic - if you are printing regular photos, photo magnets, or photo poster, lower quality will not be visible by the eye.

How to print photos from Instagram

Developing Istagram pictures is soo easy with Squared.one web app.

  • Pick a photo product
  • Choose an Instagram developing option and insert your log in information.
  • All you Instagram pics will be available for printing in the preview gallery.

💡 Print a photo book with your best Insta posts or create a travel photo poster.

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