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Print on canvas and on board, which is the best?

Do you know the differences between printing on canvas and photo paper on board? Which one is of better quality and has better drawn details? Take a look at our comparison and you will know.

Recently, printing large-format photos in the form of wall arts has become increasingly popular. These have the advantage of acting more like paintings and have a fixed frame (inner or outer) or a solid pad. But only few people know that we already have many more options than printing on photo paper or canvas, such as printed photo paper attached to plastic plates or acrylic. Let's introduce the advantages and disadvantages of two most popular types of wall art.

For comparison, we ordered three prints on canvas and one on plastic board - which will be in the best quality?

Wall art prints review

The same photo was printed on all mentioned wall arts. Some companies cut the image to cover the sides of the canvas, others left the sides plain white, another ones use mirror effect for the print on sides. You can see the results in the following photo review.

The photo we had printed on all the presented photo images

The pros and cons

Photo on canvas

Photoprints on canvas appeared probably because there was an interest in getting as close as possible to the classical paintings. In history they were mostly realized for wealthy families (of course on canvas). The print on canvas is therefore a cheap version of a painted portrait. What are the advantages and disadvantages of printing on a structured background?

Photo on canvas from two different companies - the print quality, the structure of the canvas and the drawing of details are different

Advantages of printing on canvas:

  • Printing on non-traditional structured material
  • The canvas evokes an artistic look
  • Possibility to create diptychs and triptychs
  • A classic gift

Disadvantages of canvas printing:

  • The canvas can bend when the humidity changes and it is necessary to tighten it manually with pegs
  • Some photo labs may supply pictures with poor quality print in the folds of the canvas (see the second example, where the texture of the canvas stands out too much)
  • It cannot be glued to the wall due to its weight and nails must be used
  • Some companies cannot mirror the photo to the sides of the canvas and will crop the image to reduce the size of the photo on the front of the canvas. If you do not want print on the sides of the canvas, an unnaturally large white area is created so it is ideal to frame the canvas
Corners of photos on canvas

Photo paper on a plastic base "forex"

What is the photo image on the board? It consist of print on photo paper in top quality, which is fixed to a solid surface (which prevents it from wrinkling and being damaged). This pad is not thick at all, which allows you to hang or glue the picture to any surface. But there are many more benefits.

Advantages of photos on plastic forex board:

  • The highest quality printing possible thanks to premium photo paper
  • The surface does not suffer while the humidity changes - it never scratches or bends (like a stretched canvas do)
  • Two possible ways of attachement due to low weight - can be hung or glued to the wall or other surface
  • Possibility of framing into a wooden or aluminum frame
  • Background in white or black (including the unified color of the sides and the back of the base)
  • Full screen photos or with printed frame of any color
  • Compactness - you can easily take the photo image with you anywhere, you can store it easily

Disadvantages of printing on board:

  • Unusual but high-quality substrate material (plastic plate with glued photo paper on it)
  • Semi-matt variant without the possibility of choosing another finish
Corner and back of a photo image on a forex board

What about the results?

From our point of view, printing on canvas is not the optimal solution because of the embossed background, which can look cheap. The print will never replace the author's painting. That's why we decided to go in an uncompromising way and not offer a photo painting on canvas at all.

You can see the complete comparison of the images in the following photos.

On the left is a canvas with printed edges (cropped photo), then a canvas with white edges, print on canvas with mirrored photo on the edges, on the right a photo image on the board "forex"

How to create a photo image online?

You can easily order a photo image online - just choose one from a large number of photolabs. We can offer you printing on premium quality photo paper attached to a solid forex board, which we can also frame (in wood or aluminum frame).

Wall Art Print

Are you looking for quality photo images with perfectly sharp print? Print your photos on premium semi-matte paper that will last for many years! For easy hanging of photo images on the wall, we supply them with a hook attached and a double-sided tape that does not damage the wall.

Starting at $8.45 per piece

If you want to create the best possible wall art from photos, you should know the additional information. You will find out how to ensure that the result turns out as well as possible in the following article.

How to create the best wall art?

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