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Wall art photo prints reviews - printing on board and photo canvas, which one is better?

Are you wondering what the differences are between printing on canvas and on a forex board? What are the advantages and disadvantages of both options? Find out which wall art option suits you best with our comparison.

Recently, developing large format photographs in the form of wall art has become more and more popular. Most people reach for printing the photo on larger photo paper, which they then put in a frame. But there are many other options that will make your photos look better and more professional. These include printing photos on a sturdy board (such as forex) or printing on photo canvas.

In order to see which has the best quality, we purchased three canvas prints and one print on plastic sheet

Photo canvas prints

Photos on canvas emerged probably because there was an interest in getting as close as possible to classical paintings, which were historically mostly realized on canvas. Photo print on canvas is obviously a cheaper version of a painted portrait.

Advantages of canvas prints:

  • Printing on non-traditional structured material
  • Canvas evokes an artistic look
  • Perfect for creating multi-part paintings
  • A classic gift
  • No need to buy a frame

Disadvantages of canvas prints:

  • Canvas can sag. When using a quality canvas, sagging hardly occurs
  • Some photo labs stretch the image to the sides of the canvas, resulting in a cropped image (we keep your photo whole)
  • Need to use nails for hanging
  • Higher price compared to the image on the board

Our execution of canvas prints

Our photo canvases are above-average durable and do not crack in bends when hanging on the frame. We print our photos using the highest quality technology to ensure that all colours stand out on our matt Oeko-Tex polycotton canvas. We will keep your photo whole - cloning the photo at the edges to avoid cropping.

You can choose from 4 size options:7.8×7.8″, 7.8×11.8″, 11.8×11.8″, 11.8×17.8″.

Photo image on a board

A photo image on a board is a method of taking top-quality photographs on photographic paper and attaching it to a solid backing that prevents photos from getting wrinkled and damaged. This backing is by no means thick, which makes it easy to hang or stick on any wall.


  • Highest quality printing possible with premium photo paper
  • Surface does not suffer from changes in humidity - never scratches or sags
  • Two options for wall mounting due to low weight - can be hung or taped to the wall
  • Can be framed in a wooden or aluminium frame
  • Background in white or black (including unified colour of the sides and back of the photo)
  • Full-face or printed photo frame (any colour)
  • Stackability - you can easily take the photo prints with you anywhere


  • Unusual but high quality substrate material
  • Semi-matt variant without the possibility of choosing a different finish

Our execution of prints on the board

A photo image is a printed and glued onto a forex (plastic board with a thickness of 5 mm). You can choose between a black or white board and whether to have the photo printed on the entire board or add a frame around it. On the back you will find a hook for hanging and wall adhesives - so installing the picture on the wall is really easy. We can also frame the photo for you, with a choice of a wooden or aluminium frame.

We print the pictures on semi-matte photo paper in 6 sizes:6×6″, 6×8.3″, 8.3×8.3″, 8.3×11.8″, 11.8×11.8″, 11.8×17.7″.

So which option is it? A photo canvas or a photo image on a board?

How to create a wall art print

Turn white walls into a photo gallery quickly and easily! With our simple online editor, it only takes a few minutes to create a photo image. If you want to ensure 100% results, check out our article on how to create the best photo image before ordering.

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