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Printing Your Photos on Canvas or Plastic Sheets. Which Option Is Best?

What are the differences between printing on canvas and printing on photo paper adhered to a plastic sheet? Which option produces the best quality with the finest details? Take a look at our review and the answer will be clear.

Printing large-format photos in the form of wall art is becoming increasingly popular. Wall art turns ordinary photos into masterpieces that will adorn your walls for years to come. Their main advantage is a fixed frame or solid base. However, very few people know that there are many more options for creating wall art than simply printing on photo paper or canvas. One of these options is to print your photos on photo paper adhered to plastic or acrylic sheets. Let's look at the pros and cons of the two most popular types of wall art – canvas and plastic sheet.

In order to see which has the best quality, we purchased three canvas prints and one print on plastic sheet

Wall art prints review

We had the same photo printed on both forms of wall art. Some companies cropped the image to cover the edges of the canvas. Others left the edges plain white, or used mirrored edges. See the results in our review.

The original photograph we printed

The pros and cons

Canvas print

Canvas prints were likely conceived because there was a draw to get as close as possible to classical paintings. In the past, wealthy families commissioned paintings that were done on canvas, of course. A canvas print can be thought of as a cheaper alternative to a painted portrait. What are the pros and cons of printing photos on such a structured background?

Canvas prints from two different companies. Notice the differences in print quality, texture, and intricacy of details.

Advantages of canvas prints:

  • Unconventional, yet structured material
  • Evoke an artistic look
  • Ability to create diptychs and triptychs (artwork composed of two or three images)
  • Make great gifts

Disadvantages of canvas prints:

  • Canvas can bend as the humidity changes and pegs must be manually retightened
  • Some photo labs may produce prints with poor quality around the canvas folds (see the second example where the canvas texture is overly visible)
  • Requires nails and cannot be glued to the wall due to its weight
  • Some companies cannot print mirrored edges on the edges of the canvas and will crop the image to reduce the size of the image
  • If you do not want the photo to be printed on the edges of the canvas, an unnaturally large white area is created, forcing you to consider framing it
Corners of canvas prints

Photo paper on a plastic Forex sheet

What exactly is a Forex print? It consists of an image printed on high-quality photo paper which is then adhered to a solid surface, preventing it from wrinkling or sustaining other damage. The base is not thick at all, allowing you to hang or glue it to virtually any surface. There are many more benefits.

Advantages of Forex prints:

  • Highest level of print quality thanks to premium photo paper
  • Surface remains unaltered even when the humidity changes - never scratches or bends (like stretched canvas can)
  • Can be hung or glued to the wall or other surfaces thanks to lower weight
  • Option to frame in a wooden or aluminum frame
  • Black or white background (with matching color on the edges and back)
  • Photos printed on the entire surface or with an added frame in the color of your choice
  • Compactness - take the print with you anywhere, can easily be stored

Disadvantages of Forex prints:

  • Unconventional, yet high-quality material of the base (photo paper on plastic sheet)
  • Semi-matte finish, without the option to choose another finish
Corner and back of Forex print

What do the results tell us?

In our opinion, canvas prints are not the best option because the textured base can make them look cheap. A canvas print will never replace true artwork. For this reason, we’ve decided to not even offer canvas prints in our selection.

See all of the prints that were reviewed in the following photos

On the left is a canvas print with printed edges (cropped photo), next a canvas with white edges, next a print on canvas with mirrored edges, on the right a Forex print (plastic sheet).

Printing photos online

You can easily order prints online - just choose from the many photo labs out there. We offer wall art printed on premium quality photo paper adhered to a solid Forex sheet, which can also be framed (in a wooden or aluminum frame).

Wall Art Print

Are you looking for quality photo images with perfectly sharp print? Print your photos on premium semi-matte paper that will last for many years! For easy hanging of photo images on the wall, we supply them with a hook attached and a double-sided tape that does not damage the wall.

Starting at $8.45 per piece

If you want to get the best possible wall art from photos, there are some additional details you should be aware of. In our next article, you‘ll find out how to make sure your results are truly the best they can be.

How to create the best wall art?

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