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The Best Way to Print Photos from Your Phone

In this digital age, our smartphones have become an integral part of our lives, capturing countless precious moments with their high-quality cameras. However, there's something undeniably special about holding a physical photograph in your hands. Luckily, you can easily print photos from your phone. In this article, we will explore the best way to print photos from a phone, both Android and iPhone, allowing you to transform your mobile photos into cherished keepsakes.

Printing photos from phone is super easy. At Squared.one, you can directly upload photos from your phone and finish the whole order process on your phone in a matter of minutes. Let’s have a look at how to print photos from an Android phone and then iPhone.

How to print photos from Android phone

The best way to print photos from an Android phone is to directly upload them to an online editor from your phone. If you own an Android phone and want to print your favorite smartphone photos, follow these simple steps:

  • Open www.squared.one on your smartphone and pick a photo product you would like us to print for you. It can be classic photo prints, photo magnets, wallet-size photos and so much more
  • Select a desired photo print size and photo paper finish (matte or glossy)
  • You will then be transferred to our online editor where you can upload your photos
  • Click “Select files” and choose to upload from your files where you can open your gallery and start picking your photos
  • You can select smartphone photos from the gallery’s chronological section or you can browse all your albums
  • Once you’ve selected your photos, just hit done and photos will be uploaded to our online editor
  • There you will be able to adjust the crop of every photo and add a white or colored border. If you have chosen polaroid-style photos you can also add captions to every photo
  • Proceed to checkout and wait for your smartphone photos to be printed

💡 Tip: Prior to printing photos off your phone, go to your phone’s gallery and favorite all the photos you would like to print. Then just navigate to the Favorites album while uploading and the whole process will be much smoother.

How to print photos from iPhone

Printing photos from iPhone is super easy as well. We’ve dedicated a separate article for iPhone users as there are some differences. Check out our article How to print photos from iPhone.

How to print high-quality photos off your phone?

Nowadays most cell phones have a high enough quality camera that your photos will look great even when printed. We have a detailed guide about required resolution for every photo print size which you can compare with the photo information just to be sure. Also, the editor will automatically notify you if your photo is too small for the selected format.

What sizes can you print photos from your phone?

You can print photos off your phone in any available size. Most Android phones and iPhones shoot 4:3 photos on default so the perfect fit will be our 3.25×4″ and 6x8” photo prints. However you can print mobile photo print in all formats. Just note some parts of your photo will be cropped which you can adjust in our editor. We print photos in 3.5×5″, 4×6″, 5x7” and 8x12”. And we also print square prints in sizes 4x4”, 5x5” and 6x6”.

You can also try printing polaroid-style photos from your phone in sizes 3.25×4″ and 4x5”.

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