TOP trends and posts of 2021 on Instagram

The popularity of Instagram is constantly growing, how did the platform change in 2021 and what were the biggest trends? Read and discover everything you want to know. In addition, we supplemented the article with TOP 5 posts of the whole year and you will also find out which post is the most successful of all the time! We will also advise you on how to generate your TOP 9 posts of a given year.

Kateřina Tobišková
February 01, 2021

The year 2020 was challenging for everyone. After everyone got used to most of the activities, they moved to the online world of Instagram. The possibility for instagram business accounts to offer products to buy directly from the feed became popular, but that's not all. All types of marketing and adds appeared. Find out more about what happened in 2021!

  • Carousel - Posts with more photos and videos
  • Photographs with imperfections and natural posts
  • Long captions for storytelling posts
  • Custom hashtags that help build a community, such as #ImPostingBoth - sharing instagram photos vs reality
  • Photographs of texts and handwritten messages
  • instagram TV (IGTV videos) + instagram live
  • Twitter style - screenshots of posts on Twitter posted as regular photos
  • Analog photography
  • TikTok Invasion - Short videos conquer Instagram
  • Now an upcoming trend is instagram reels


1️⃣ Carousel posts - multiple photos and videos in one post

2️⃣ Really long texts that tell stories

3️⃣ #iampostingboth and #impostingboth, which show the reality behind perfect Instagram photos
(video from the photo shoot on the fourth page of the article)

4️⃣ Posts that are mostly text

5️⃣ When Twitter is no longer enough, posts from it are also sent to IG via screenshots

6️⃣ TikTok starts controlling Instagram! Often one instagram video also appears on TikTok.

Instagram top posts of 2020

Let´s discover TOP 5 feeds of 2020!

1. Cristiano Ronaldo in the memory of Diego Maradona, 25.11.2020

2. Announcement of the death of Chadwick Boseman, 29.8.2020

3. Lionel Messi in the memory of Diego Maradona, 25.11.2020

4. Kylie Jenner and a birthday photo of her ex-partner Travis Scott, April 30, 2020

5. Ariana Grande's instagram engagement announcement, 20.12.2020

The most popular IG post of all time

The photo of the egg from the photo bank was uploaded on Instagram in January 4, 2019 to overcome the popularity of photos of IG Queen Kylie Jenner. Fing more on instagram wiki.

Top 10 most followed instagram profiles of the year

  1. @cristiano - Cristiano Ronaldo, 253 million instagram followers
  2. @arianagrande - Ariana Grande, 215 million followers
  3. @therock - Dwayne Johnson, 210 million followers
  4. @kyliejenner - Kylie Jenner, 208 million followers
  5. @selenagomez - Selena Gomez, 202 million followers
  6. @kimkardashian - Kim Kardashian, 198 million followers
  7. @leomessi - Lionel Messi, 176 million followers
  8. @beyonce - Beyoncé, 160 million followers
  9. @justinbieber - Justin Bieber, 157 million followers
  10. @natgeo - National Geographic, 149 million followers

The real queen of Instagram in 2020 was Kylie Jenner, whose Instagram account has 208 million followers. It is difficult to find a photo which has less than 4 million likes. Her contributions are regularly ranked among the top 10 most followed Instagram accounts.

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What to do next?

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You can easily call up photos from Instagram in any size you want and get the best photos physically too, the following article will advise you on how to do it.

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