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Decorate Your Fridge With Sticky Photo Magnets

Most people have a deep connection with their fridge because it stores all the food. And food is happiness. For this reason, it's one of the most important things in the flat. We spend a lot of time looking inside the fridge but also on it, while winking at the cake inside. So why not to give your foodie friend a little makeover?

January 20, 2020

If you don't have any empty space on your wall or you're not ready to commit to a bigger photo project yet - refrigerators can be ultra boring and they're just asking for a makeover, don't you think? Magnets will brighten your kitchen and they will make even a rental more personal. You can create a grid from images that are all one shape (square or round) or mix them all together. Also, you can try our puzzle magnets that deserve a category on its own.

1) Choose your photos

Dig up the right photos. The nicest magnets are full of bright colors, happy faces and close-ups. Combine the pictures together to match your refrigerator.

  • Use high quality photos straight from your camera or phone - don't worry, our system will alert you at low quality.
  • You can call from Instagram, Facebook, computer or mobile phone.
Is better having cakes inside or outside the fridge? We vote for both. Team Sweettooth. 🍰

2) Choose your style

What kinds of photo magnets are most suitable for your photos?

  • square magnets, 7 x 7 cm
  • round, 7 cm
  • magnetic puzzle, 9 magnets, 5 x 5cm
Round or square?

3) Adjust the correct cut-out

You can edit any photo format in our editor. Easily get a square from portrait or landscape photos.

If you chose a square ..

4) With or without frame?

Inspire with the colors of the rainbow and give each photo a different frame. Or leave them clean, without a frame.

5) And send them to print!

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