How To Print Your Instagram Into Photomagnets

In 2016, over 95 million photos were added daily on Instagram. Imagine the situation now. How many photos are being added in 2019? Millions? Billions? What does not change is that some of these photos that are posted are only important for a moment. On the other hand, others are photos that we would like to preserve forever. The question is, how we can keep these photos in places other than on digital gadgets or on our Instagram profile?

March 13, 2019

What about having your favourite moment preserved as photo magnet, that you can put on fridge, mirror or any other favourite place? Now, you can do it with us. Let’s have a look, how you can print your favourite Instagram content into photo magnets.

1) Photo magnets as a favorite way to save memories

Go to the Squared.one website and click on the button CREATE NOW. Then choose the option photo magnets.
Another possibility is to directly click on photo magnets (from the homepage menu).

Print Your Instagram via Squared.one for example choosing Photo Magnets.

2) Which type of magnets would you like to order?

We currently offer 3 types of magnets. You can choose from square, circular or puzzle photo magnets and click on the CREATE button.

Square, circular, and puzzle photo magnets are waiting for your order.

3) Print from your Instagram or from any other digital storage

Now, you can click on SIGN IN TO INSTAGRAM and login to your Instagram account in order to access your photos. This is the main step for turning your instagram photos into magnets.

Now it all happens. Load your instagram feed in our web app by signing into your account.

TIP: How To Easily Download and Back-up Pictures from Instagram

4) Choose your favorite photos that you would like to print into magnets

Photos from your Instagram should now appear. Click on each photo that you would like to choose. If you want to add more photos, click on the PLUS sign. Select as many as you want, but make sure you order at least 9 photos. Then press CONTINUE.

Instagram photos from your posts are loaded. Choose the best ones.

5) Adjusting, resizing, tweaking…

If you want to leave the photo as it is, click on NEXT. If you want to do some small adjustments, click on the pencil symbol. You can rotate your picture using the two buttons on the lower left corner and also resize the photo using the framing tool. Then press SAVE.

Would you like to adjust your photograph?
Rotate or crop. Don't like the photo? Change it.

6) How do my photo magnets look like?

See the preview of your magnets. In this step you have the possibility to see how your photo magnets will look in their completed form. If you are satisfied press the ADD TO CART button.

Show the photos as though they were real.

7) Make a purchase

Once you have all the products you want, go to the CART. This is a summary of your order. Now you can go back to the e-shop and choose another product or go further in the shopping cart by clicking on CONTINUE.

Order summary. Going back for another product?

8) Filling information about delivery

Now, fill in your email, shipping details (choosing local post or FedEx Express) and select a type of delivery. Then click on CONTINUE.

Fill-in information about yourself so we can ship you your magnets!

9) Check filled information and make a payment.

Check all your details and click on ORDER AND PAY. Finally, pay with your credit card or via PayPal. Press PAY.

Check your details about the address, shipping and your order. Are they correct?
Make a payment easily with your credit card or PayPal account

10) You order is ready to be shipped! :-)

What else is there to say? Now we are preparing your purchase. It usually takes one business day. Then we pass the purchase to the shipping company and your order is on its way to you. It usually takes 2-7 business days to deliver your photo magnet order. We hope you enjoy them!

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