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How To Make A Travel Scrapbook

Document your travels and extend your memories with a beautiful DIY Travel Scrapbook. Instead of buying one of the pre-made versions, it's much more rewarding and fun to make it from scratch.

August 13, 2017

* a paper album
* photographs (many, many of them)
* adhesives (tapes or glue sticks)
* stickers and patterned papers
* multi-color pens, markers & glitters
* a pair of scissors

Wanna print your pictures with that authentic polaroid feel? It's easy! Head on over to and we will do it for you automatically. You can upload the pictures from your computer or Instagram.

If you are planning to create your own travel scrapbook that will be focused on a specific trip, time frame or destination – the best is to start preparing it beforehand. Write down all the details: what type of pictures you'll need and what other materials you should be collecting (tickets, receipts, coins…). You can use your scrapbook just as a general overview of all the places you've visited or you can also include all the little things that would be likely forgotten over time. Like the museums you visited, local dishes you ate or people you met.

Keep all the plane tickets and restaurant receipts in one place. .

Important is to choose the right album. First of all, decide how many pages you'll need and what kind of paper you fancy the most. White or black? Glossy or natural? Secondly, divide your pictures into categories and assign them to the right page. Only when you are 100% happy about the arrangement, you are ready to start gluing!

The last step is the most fun - decoration and final personalization. Now it's time for all these special papers, stickers and stamps. Don't be afraid to experiment. When adding text, ask yourself these five basic questions: Who is in this photo? What is going on? Where was this picture taken? When was it taken? Why is this photo important to you? Always be sure to write a word or two to highlight what was so special about that moment.

Scrapbook also makes a great gift for your family or friends. 📷 @iva_stancikova
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