NEW: All photo formats 😍

Printing photos is quick and easy with us. And not only that - we've added several new photo formats that you can order. Now, you can choose from 19 different photo sizes. Print your favourite memories and keep them with you forever.

We've been getting questions for a long time about whether we'll add more photo formats so you can capture your memories in the exact size you need. And we've answered your call. You can now print your photos in an amazing 19 formats with great features:

    • Photos are printed on premium Fujicolor photo paper
    • Glossy or matte finish
    • You can add a frame to your photos
    • You can even add your own captions and smileys to all retro photos
    • Enjoy your photos in sizes from 2x2" up to an amazing 19.75×27.5″
    • We can print for you standard photo formats, retro photos, large photos and even mini photos
    • Print your photos online and have them delivered to your doorstep
    Shown sizes: 4×3¼″, 4×4″, 5×3½″, 5×5″, 6×4″, 6×6″, 7×5″, 8×8″ and 12×8″

    Different print sizes

    📸 Retro photos

    Do you like classic polaroids? Try our retro photos! Unlike Polaroids, they are printed on lightweight photographic paper, but retain their trendy look. Choose the color of the frame and add the text or emojis, there are no limits to the imagination.

    Retro Photo Prints

    Print your retro instant style photo prints online from your Instagram, Facebook, mobile or computer. Just select your photos, customize frame colors and write captions with emojis ❤️

    Starting at $0.39 per piece
    • Formats 4×3¼″, 5×4″ or 2×2.75″
    • Gloss or matte finish
    • With a frame (à la polaroid) of any color
    • You can add text and emojis to the photo
    • Premium photo paper Fujicolor Crystal Archive Paper Supreme HD

    Photos are delivered in a design packaging (protecting and pleasing to the eye at the same time)

    Compare the small and the big retro print and choose which colour of border you want

    Standard dimensions

    The following formats (3.25×4″3.5×5″4×6″ or mini format 2×2.75″) are guaranteed classics. These are the formats that will look great in any photo album. Get photo corners or washi tapes and attach the photos to the photo album as you like.

    Photo Prints Online

    Print your retro instant style photo prints online from your Instagram, Facebook, mobile or computer. Just select your photos, customize frame colors and write captions with emojis ❤️

    Starting at $0.39 per piece

    We also offer square formats. In the age of digital photography and rectangular formats, square photos are becoming a welcome change. Go for the central compositions that the square format makes stand out and choose from 2×2", 2,75×2,75", 4×4", 5×5", 6×6" or 8×8".

    • Glossy or matte finish
    • Full-size or framed photos in any colour
    • Premium Fujicolor Crystal Archive Paper Supreme HD
    • Delivered in designer packaging (pleasing to the eye while protecting photos)


    Do you prefer having only a few photos on your wall? Choose the larger sizes 5×7", 6×8" (A5) and 8×12" (A4) and create a beautiful gallery wall.

    See all the formats together on the left pic: 4×3¼″, 5×3½″, 6×4″, 7×5″, 8×6″, 12×8″ ⬜ 4×4″, 5×5″, 6×6″ and 8×8″

    Wallet-size formats 😊

    Would you like something small and cute? Try our mini photo formats. You can have your photos printed in six different small sizes: square 2x2" and 2,75×2,75", retro 2×2,75", rectangular 2×2,75" or round or heart photos (Ø 2,75").


    In these same formats, you can also have your photos printed on photo stickers or photo magnets.

    Wallet-Size Photos

    Keep your loved ones with you at all times. Print small photos and keep them in your wallet or phone case. They'll also stand out in a scrapbook or wall collage. We print wallet-size prints for you on premium photo paper in six different sizes. Fast printing and delivery.

    Starting at $0.29 per piece

    Large format photos 🖼

    Do you have a photo that you love above all? The one that has the potential to look great even if it is alone on the wall? Give that photo space that it deserves and make the new highlight of the apartment from it! 

    With these dimensions, it is necessary to pay attention to the quality of the photo - those taken with the phone will not be the best choice. But don't worry, if the photo isn't quality enough for such a large print, our editor will warn you about it.

    Large Format Photo Prints

    A large photo printed to the smallest detail and highest quality colors on satin paper. A reason to make staring at walls fun.

    $39.00 per piece
    • 19¾×27½″
    • Semi-matt / satin finish
    • High-quality photo paper Fujicolor Crystal Archive DP II
    • Highest standard image resolution available from ZBE's Chromira RA4 Printer
    • It can be made with or without a white border (1½″ wide)
    One large print can create the atmosphere of whole room. Fascinating!

    Why to order photos from Squared.one?

    ✔️ Easy print of photos from Instagram, Facebook, computer hard drive or mobile phone.

    ✔️ Create photos with or without a border.

    ✔️ You can easily adjust the crop directly in the editor when ordering photos.

    ✔️ We print on high-quality photo papers.

    What to do with printed photos?

    You have printed out photos, some you have dispayed on the wall, others you have donated to friends and relatives. What about that remaining ones? Create a photo album or scrapbook.

    Do you want to exhibit photos more? Our article Wall as from the gallery will advise you on this, you can find other useful ideas in the article How to display polaroids.

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