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How To Make a Photo Collage for the Wall

Do you like printing your photos but then don't know what to do with them? An obvious choice is a photo album, but some photos deserve to be seen at all times. Pick a corner or wall in your home that could use some extra love and create a collage using your own photos. We'll show you how.

Kristýna Lacinová
February 18, 2023

A wall photo collage is a great way to fill a blank wall while adding some personal style to your home. 💛 What showcases your personality more than your family, friends, favorite places, and experiences? Get inspired by our tips on creating a photo collage to decorate your home. ⬇️

Choose a location and photo products

Every home has at least one spot that feels a bit neglected. It's usually not the main wall in the living room 🛋️ or the wall over the bed. 🛏️ It's the little nooks and crannies where a collage of photos would fit perfectly. Plus, it's a great way to decorate a wall without having to drill holes. 👌

Once you've chosen your spot, think about how big you'll need the collage to be and what photos you'll use to create it. If the wall is large and you prefer small photo prints (like 3.25×4″ or 4x6″), you will need a lot of photos. If you prefer to display just a few prints, choose some of our larger prints (for example 8x12"). 📸 You can also order canvas prints or wall art to create a gallery wall. 🖼️

💡 TIP: Mix and match differently-sized photos to give your collage more variety.

Which photos to choose for your photo collage

The best advice we can give you is to choose photos and images that you like. That's the beauty of displaying your own photos. 💛 You don't have to search through dozens of pages of prints to find the few that catch your eye and fit your home. You can pick any photos you want and even edit them using a photo editing app. ✨ You can add your own artwork and add a few abstract photos or motivational quotes from any free stock photography site. Let your imagination run wild. 🎨

You can print favorite photos of your family, friends, or pets and leave the collage on display for years, but we definitely recommend changing the photos regularly. This way you can always display your favorite experiences for a few months, like a recent vacation to Norway, ✈️ a friend's wedding, 💒 or a birthday party. 🎂

Get inspired by our photo collages

Before you start planning your photo wall collage, get some inspiration from others. 👀 Check out some of the collages we've created in the photos for this article or check out our Instagram. You can also get your creative juices flowing on Pinterest. 🎨 You'll learn what shape of collage you like best and how many photos you'll need. 📸 For example, we tried a heart-shaped collage where you need 27 photos. See the photo below.

Plan your photo collage right

To avoid needing to redo and reglue your photo collage, we recommend planning your collage in advance. 📐 Gather all the photos you want to add to the photo collage and spread them out on the floor. This way you can plan the shape of the collage and what photo you will place where. 📸 Arrange the photos so that they balance each other, i.e. don't put similarly colored photos next to each other, but place them in different places in the collage. Then, take a photo of the planned collage so you don't forget the shape and arrangement you want. 👌

If you are working with larger photos or canvases, we recommend planning your collage directly on the wall. 🖼️ Trace the shapes of the images onto paper or old newspaper. You can then glue the pieces of paper on the wall in different ways until the collage is perfect. ✅ If you want to use hooks or nails to attach the photos, you can attach them with the paper still on the wall so you don't lose the correct position.

How to mount the photo collage to the wall

You can mount a collage of smaller photos in several ways. If you want to add some color to the collage, add the photos using washi tape. 📸 If you only want the photos to be visible, reach for sticky tape for the wall, it won't leave any marks on the wall and holds the photos perfectly.

Create a photo collage online

If you like the idea of a photo collage printed as a poster, at Squared.one you can create a collage of 35 or 70 photos. Just upload them to our editor and simply arrange them on the poster. 🖼️ If you want to design your own collage, you can use online tools like befunky.com or canva.com and then print your collage as a large-format photo print.

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