How to create a travel journal

It's easy to forget all the little details when on the road. And when you return home, it can be even harder to remember all the good times you had while travelling. That's why keeping a travel journal is a great idea. Preserve memories from all your adventures so you can relive them whenever you want. We've put together a guide for creating your own travel journal.

September 12, 2022

Decide what you want to include

A travel journal can be a great tool to help plan your next trip or simply reminisce. You can create a travel journal for a trip you've already taken, or a trip you're planning to take in the future. You can also use it to brainstorm and gather inspiration for your dream vacation. 🛩

What you add to your journal is entirely up to you. You can get creative and create a separate journal for each holiday or just pick a few photos and record all your adventures in one journal.

Gather your materials

  • Photo album - a good quality photo album is the basis for any good travel journal. Don't use anything fragile that could get damaged if you decide to take the journal with you on your travels. We recommend using our album with thick pages that won't bleed through and sturdy cardboard covers that will keep your memories safe even when on the road. 📒
  • Pens and pencils - Recount your favorite experiences, funny stories, and anything else you want to remember 10 years from now. 📝
  • Photos - A picture is worth a thousand words. Complete your travel adventures with photos from each place you've visited. Print your photos in classic formats or if you use a smaller journal, try our mini photos that will fit on each page. 📸
  • Photo mounting corners for attaching photos
  • Any stickers, printables, mementos, or tickets to complete the story.

Scrapbooking Kit With Photos

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Plan and organize your photos

Photos printed, journal ready? Before you start creating, plan everything carefully. Lay out your photos in an order that follows your travel story. Check out Pinterest, Instagram or photos in this article to gather inspiration for what your travel journal should look like. 💡🎨

Jot down words and affix the extras

Now you can start writing. When writing a travel journal, the most important thing to focus on is the story of your trip. If your trip was longer, try dividing the story into several chapters like a book. You can write about what you did at each place you went, where you went, what you ate, who you met, and any fun experiences along the way. Take notes as you go to make keeping a journal as easy as possible. 📝 Fill the pages with matching photos, 📸 souvenirs, and embellish with stickers or drawings. 🎨

Keep the journal or give it as a gift

You can keep the completed journal or give it as a gift to someone who was with you. A travel journal makes a lovely gift for anniversaries, birthdays, and even Christmas.

Creating a travel journal is a fun and beautiful way to preserve memories. So grab a scrapbook, some photos, and a pen, put on your favorite music, and get creating!

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