How To Make A Wedding Photo Book: Inspiration and Tips

One day, two people and hundreds of beautiful photos. Do not just leave them stuck on your computer. Keep all the wedding moments close to you in a photo book. Get inspiration from our happy customers and print your wedding photos today. You can choose from Photo Book with light paper pages ($19) or a solid Layflat Photo Album with paperboard pages (starting at $32). Let's see how it's done 👇

June 17, 2019

Wedding Layflat Photo Album (starting at $32)

Treasure your wedding memories in a Photo Book so that you could sometimes stop for a minute and experience it all over again. 💕

Photo Book with thick layflat paperboard pages and printed natural book board cover. This version of a Photo Book is called Layflat Photo Album because we want it to last ages just like our grandmother's Photo Albums. It is the ideal way of preserving your happy moments in one place so that every family member could have a look. There are two size options: Small Photo Album 5½ × 5½″ or a Big one 8 × 8″.

Wedding Photo Album by @Alexandrahweddingphotography

How to make a Wedding Photo Album?👇

- Create a folder with all the pictures you like. You will need at least 18 pics but the more the better, to make your photo book more varied.

- Then click here to start making a photo book.

- Select the color of the binding. Choose between turquoise, pink, yellow, dark purple, white or grey. Don't be afraid of contrast! Your cover photo will pop out more.

💡TIP: Be creative when it comes to title of your photo book: you can add emojis or create whole new book cover in graphic programmes such as Canva.

- Choose the first 18 photos from your folder or Instagram to create a preview.

- Then you can drag the pictures you want to add to the photo book directly from your folder.

- Combine all the different types of layout. Write descriptions or insert emojis.

When you get through the starting process, put on your favorite music and have fun! The result can serve not only as a memory of your big day, but also as an original gift to newlyweds or your work portfolio.

Wedding Photo Book ($19)

Wedding Photo Book by @Glittersandchampagne

Lighter and cheaper version of our Wedding Photo Album is the Photo Book. It's perfect size: 6.7×6.7″ will keep all your Wedding pictures nice and cozy. Photo Book consists of a thick book board cover, where you can put your most favourite photo as a cover, and a semi-gloss paper pages for all you big day's moments. It can hold from 12 to 40 pages which is more than enough space for your photos. You can also choose from six book spine colors.

PHOTO: Alexandra Hrašková, Vlado Vojtela

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