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What to do with holiday photos

The summer holiday season is slowly coming to an end, but the memories will remain forever. We've put together some tips and inspiration on what to do with your holiday photos so they don't stay on your phone or camera forever.

Travel scrapbook

A travel scrapbook is a great way to record all your favourite holiday photos and experiences. What you add to the album is completely up to you. You can get creative and create a separate album for each vacation, or just pick a few photos and experiences and record all your adventures in one photo album.

For all the tips and inspiration, check out our How to make a travel album article.

Prints Prints Prints 📸

A travel album would not be an album without photos. We recommend developing a mix of different photo formats so that each page is different and you always manage to fill every space. So choose a few classic photo formats like 8x10 or 10x15 cm, 10x10 cm squares, but also cute wallet-size photo prints to fill every empty corner.

Also try our polaroids and photostrips to add some retro flair.

Travel photo book

If you don't want to spend time on creating a photo album, gluing photos and writing captions by hand, try our photo book. You can do everything online and get the finished product home. Thanks to our layouts in the editor, you don't have to think about the layout of the photos and captions. At squared.one we offer two types of photo books for different occasions.

TIP: Have your photo book printed multiple times and give extra copies to friends and family members who were on holiday with you

Who would want to have paintings with random images in their home. Choose your favorite travel photos instead. They can be your best shots that you managed to capture, but also sentimental family photos. These wall art photo prints will make your home more cozy and personal.

But what images to choose? You can opt for the classics in the form of framed pictures or photo canvas and choose some of the best photos. Or you can try our photo collages, which can hold 35 or 70 photos. Perfect for those who can't decide which photos to develop.


Thinking of creating a gallery wall? Check out our article on how to make a gallery wall, where you can also find some layouts for how to place your pictures on the wall.

Collage and more DIY from photos

If you're looking for something more creative for your wall than wall art, you can create your own collage of photos or polaroids. There are many ways to display photos and we've listed a few of them in our article on how to display polaroid photos. These include a bulletin board or photos hung on a string from a branch, etc.

Tip: Create a collage on your fridge using photo magnets

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