Baby Photo Album – Document your baby's first year

Baby's first year. For us, it is the craziest, yet most beautiful time that seems to pass in the blink of an eye! Capturing every milestone and beautiful memory in a baby album before it’s forgotten is one of our favorite traditions. Wondering what to document in a baby photo album and how to make a scrapbook? We’ve created a list for you and added some tips for what you shouldn’t be missing from any baby's first album.

April 07, 2022

Start by choosing the right album

At Squared.one, we have three types of albums available – beige, blue, and black. The 24×31cm (9.5x12.2”) photo album includes 42 pages for photos. 📸 Each page can hold 4 smaller photos (4×4” or Polaroid-style photos 4×3¼″) or 2 larger photos (e.g. 6×4”). Enough space for all the most beautiful memories from your baby's first year. The photos can be attached using mounting corners or washi tape, leaving each and every page’s design up to you.

What shouldn't be missing from your baby’s album?

In the beginning, add photos of the first pregnancy test you took, a photo of your partner’s reaction, and the beaming grandparents when they learned the happy news. Be sure to include maternity photos, and of course, your growing belly ;)

  • Photos of the pregnancy test
  • Ultrasounds
  • Grandma and grandpa-to-be and their reactions
  • Growing belly
  • Photos from trips with baby in the belly
  • Approaching birth
  • Baby’s birth story

Also, don't forget to carefully record all the precious firsts in your baby’s photo album. The first minutes of life, weight and height, first bath, and bedtime routines.

  • First days in the outside world
  • Baby’s first bath
  • Bedtime routines
  • Baby’s first milestones - rolling over, sitting up, crawling
  • Favorite toy
  • First time in a pool
  • Baby’s first food
  • First Christmas
  • First gathering with friends
  • Growing right before your eyes
  • First sounds and words
  • First birthday

Of course, anything memorable belongs in a scrapbook! Photos of the baby on the go, playground memories, and so on.

  • Baby’s first trip with parents
  • Love of playgrounds
  • What annoys mom…
  • A song that always makes baby dance
  • At grandma and grandpa’s house
  • Favorite food
  • Helping in the kitchen

What you need to make your baby's first album

Everyone can make a scrapbook using their own ideas, but we recommend gathering the following things before you start:

But you don't have to go far, in our scrapbooking kit you will find everything on the list, including a gift card for printing photos worth $25. You can upload photos of your baby from your computer, cell phone, Facebook or Instagram.

How to make a scrapbook 🎨

You can easily fill your baby album with just photos, but if you’re feeling extra creative, make a scrapbook. Print your favorite photos at Squared.one, and combine different sizes and styles. Then, add captions – for example, the date when the photo was taken and a story that goes along with the event. Decorate the album with washi tapes and stickers along with mementos to complete the memory. 

Photo album for a girl or a boy

Are you looking for an album for baby girl or boy? You can choose beige-pink 💖 and blue photo album. 💙 However, sticking to stereotypes is definitely not necessary. Why shouldn’t a little girl have a blue photo album and a boy a pink one?

Children's photo album – capture their childhood

Don't stop with your baby's first year. Each year presents many beautiful moments that are worth saving in an album or scrapbook. First day of school, first trip to the beach, first party with friends… Get a children's photo album and create a beautiful memento, which you will love coming back to together with your child.

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