Gift cards

What are the available values of gift cards?

We sell gift cards in the values of $25 and $50. Order here.

How do I redeem a gift card/voucher?

At the end of your order you will find a small window where you enter the gift code (a combination of letters and digits you have received on your gift voucher).

I cannot redeem my gift card. What should I do?

Kindly double check whether the code you have entered is correct. When using the code on the last day of its validity it may be that its validity has expired by a certain hour. Please contact us and we will be happy to extend it for you.

Can I redeem several gift vouchers at once?

With each order you can only redeem one voucher. If you have received two or more gift vouchers let us know. We will gladly merge them for you.

Can I have my gift voucher validity extended?

We will gladly extend the validity of a gift card for you, let us know.