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My order

How do I make an order?

You can order on Squared.one website using your computer, tablet or smartphone. Choose a desired product and format, upload your photos, make necessary edits and proceed to completing your order.

Follow this article How To Make a Custom Photo Book for some inspiration.

How long does it take to print and ship my order?

Chose product and delivery destination below. You will see how long it takes to produce your chosen product and the estimated delivery time with each carrier.

👍We recommend you select Fedex Priority Shipping od UPS ✈️ as the fastest and most reliable delivery method for the US.

For countries other than the US the delivery time will differ depending on the destination country and chosen carrier, you can select it when filling in the delivery address when you continue from your cart.

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There is a problem with my payment.

Your order will be finished once the payment has been processed. If, for any reason, you cannot finish the payment, please have a look below at a few common issues. If these do not help either, just contact us and we will be happy to help you.

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Is my payment safe?

Yes, it is. We use Braintree to securely handle your credit card information.

Can I pay on delivery?

Unfortunately, we do not allow payment on delivery. Due to nature of our product, we require payment in advance. You can choose online payment by card, Apple Pay or by PayPal.

Can I receive a company invoice for my order?

Yes. Simply fill in your company details in the “billing address” section and you will receive an invoice from us after placing the order.

How can I redeem a gift card?

In the cart, you will be able to insert a code that you can find on your gift card.

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Do insert invoice to packages.

No, we only send the invoice via email in the form of a .pdf right after your payment is confirmed. We do not physically package the invoice.

Can I preview or share my order after it has been created?

If you have an account at Squared.one, you can view and share the order in the Saved Projects section of your account.

If you don't have an account, you view your order after it has been placed. However you can create an account and contact us, we will be happy to assign the order to your new account.

What should I do if I find a mistake in my order? Can my order be edited?

Unfortunately, once the order has been paid for it automatically goes into production and we cannot modify it anymore. Do try and contact us immediately though, if you have ordered for example the photobook, it takes up to 7 days to produce, so there is a chance we will be able to help.

Can I merge several of my orders with one shipping fee?

Unfortunately, the system does not allow us to combine multiple orders. You need to pay for each order separately.

Contact us and we will be happy to help you work out the best solution. It depends on the status of each order, the type of goods, etc...

Extensive order changes

If you need to modify the data in the order and you cannot correct it yourself, we can do the graphic modifications for you. :) The price for these minor graphic services is 36 euro / hour. We will issue you an invoice upon agreement, depending on the complexity of the editing.

Mostly these corrections can be: changing the frame itself, adding edges if the photo is too much to the edge and there would be an unwanted crop, etc.

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Can I cancel an order?

If the order is already paid for, it depends very much on the photo product you ordered. For example, the photo prints automatically go to print (after payment is received), in which case we cannot cancel the order. If your product has not yet been sent to print, we can cancel your order and refund your money. Please contact us as soon as possible.

If the order is not paid for, it is not in production yet. Contact us, we can cancel the order.

Where can I see the status of my order?

As soon as the status of your order changes, you will receive an information email - the first one immediately after payment, the next one after the order is printed and handed over to the carrier.

You can track the status of your order here: Order tracking (just know the order number and the email that is stored with it) or in your profile in the section "order overview".

Where can I find the delivery status of my order?

A link to the delivery status of the carrier will be sent to you in an email immediately after the package has been handed over to the specific carrier. You can track your shipment from the time it is entered into production until it is delivered to you here: Order Tracking. You just need to know the order number and the email.

I have not received any confirmation email

We send a confirmation email automatically, kindly check the “spam” and “promotion” folders. In case you still cannot find the confirmation email please contact us.

I need to change the delivery address

If your order has not been handed over to the carrier yet we can try and change the delivery address. Contact us please, we will do our best.

Sending order as a gift - can you remove invoice?

We never add a printed invoice to orders, it will be sent to you via email along with the order confirmation. The order can therefore be sent directly to the delivery address you have provided. The billing and delivery address may differ.

Can I pick up my order in person?

Unfortunately, no. We are established in the Czech Republic and ony ship it directly to you.

Quality guarantee

Your satisfaction is our top priority. That's why we guarantee 100% satisfaction for every order. We do everything we can to ensure the best possible ordering process, quality materials and reliable shipping. All products are handmade for you and customized with your photos. For this reason, we cannot provide returns without a clear reason, nor can we take responsibility for wrong data or parameters entered by the customer, which include the following:

  • Typos and misspellings
  • Poor image quality or low resolution of the original file
  • Layout errors and missing or duplicate images
  • Blank pages or errors in product design (e.g. wrong background colour, wrong photo frames)
  • Errors in product selection (e.g. product size, style or choice of cover for photobooks)
  • Colour differences between your home computer and our printing systems
  • Cancellation of an order if it is already in production
  • Damage caused by customer handling - storage, handling, unpacking
  • Delivery address entered incorrectly
  • Choosing the "wrong" (e.g. slower) carrier


Thank you for your understanding.

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Missing or damaged package

You can file a complaint within 30 days from the date of delivery of the order. After this period, we will not be able to deal with your complaint. If you have never received your order, we take 30 days from the date of expected delivery.

Each of our products is an original, so we treat each item claimed individually. Please contact us and we will be sure to find a solution together to your satisfaction.

Problem with the order?

Your satisfaction is our top priority. We do everything we can to ensure the best possible quality, working with care and using the best materials. Due to the custom nature of these products we cannot refund for customer created errors. For more information, please see here

You can file a claim within 30 days of the date you receive your order. Please contact us. Please photograph your shipment, email us your order number and more information, and we will be happy to work out your claim with you.

The photo has been cropped (for example, part of the head is missing)

If you have received incorrectly cropped photos (for example, part of the head is missing, etc.), this is due to improper cropping during uploading and editing. We do not retouch your uploaded photos (we never know if this is intentional), so you should always check all photos before confirming your order to make sure they are cropped correctly.

Please feel free to contact us and we will try to help you or advise you on a new order. Unfortunately in this case we cannot offer a refund, as with all cases of wrong data and parameters entered by the customer.

If the problem is on our side, of course we will help you find a solution 🤗. You can make a complaint within 30 days from the date of delivery of the order.