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My order

How do I make an order?

You can order from Squared.one website using your computer, tablet or smartphone. Click on the chosen product, upload photos to our photo editor and in a few minutes your project is on it’s way to our production department!

Follow this article How To Make a Custom Photo Book for some inspiration.

How long does it take to produce and ship my order? How long does it take to deliver?

Chose product and delivery destination below. You will see how long it takes to produce your chosen product and the estimated delivery time with each carrier.

👍We recommend you select Fedex Priority Shipping ✈️ as the fastest and most reliable delivery method for the US.

For countries other than the US the delivery time will differ depending on the destination country and chosen carrier, you can select it when filling in the delivery address when you continue from your cart.

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Christmas shipping and delivery

In this article, we keep you up to date on the production and delivery of your deliveries for Christmas 2023. We recommend that you choose Fedex Priority or UPS as the fastest and most reliable ways of delivering your photo gifts.

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There is a problem with my payment.

Your order will be finished once the payment has been processed. If, for any reason, you cannot finish the payment, please have a look below at a few common issues. If these do not help either, just contact us and we will be happy to help you.

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Is my payment safe?

Yes, it is. We use Braintree to securely handle your credit card information.

Can I pay on delivery?

Unfortunately, we do not allow payment on delivery. You can choose online payment by card or by PayPal, your order will be finished once the payment has been processed.

Can I receive a company invoice for my order?

Yes. Simply fill in your company details in the “billing address” section and you will receive an invoice from us after placing the order.

How can I redeem a gift card?

At the end of your order you will find a small window where you can enter the gift code (a combination of letters and digits you have received on your gift card).

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What does the payment confirmation/invoice look like?

You will receive an invoice by email in the form of a .pdf right after your payment is confirmed.

Will the invoice be packed with the order?

No, the package only consists of the products ordered. If you are sending it as a gift, the giftee will not come across any payment details.

Can I preview or share my order after it has been created?


What should I do if I find a mistake in my order? Can my order be edited?

Unfortunately, once the order has been paid for it automatically goes into production and we cannot modify it anymore. Do try and contact us immediately though, if you have ordered for example the photobook, it takes up to 7 days to produce, so there is a chance we will be able to help.

I created several different orders - can you merge them for me, so that I can make only one payment and receive them together?

It is impossible to merge several orders in our system. You will need to pay for each order separately. Do contact us though, we can try and find a better solution for you.

Can I cancel an order that I already paid for?

It depends on the type of photo product you have ordered. Photos, for instance, go directly into print and once the order has been paid for we are unable to cancel your order. If your product has not been sent to print yet we can cancel your order and return your money. Contact us ASAP please.

Can I cancel an order that I have not paid for yet?

If you have not paid for your order yet, you do not have to cancel it, we only print orders that have been paid for.

Where do I find out the status of my order?

You can find the status of your order here.

Whenever the status of your order changes you will receive an email - first right after the payment, then when the product has been produced and when the carrier picks it up.

Where can I find the delivery status of my order?

You have received a link to the tracking status by the chosen carrier in an email. You can follow the status of your order from when it enters production up until its delivery here.

I have not received any confirmation email

We send a confirmation email automatically, kindly check the “junk” and “promotion” folders. In case you still cannot find the confirmation email please contact us.

Can I pick up my order in person?

No, unfortunately we do not offer this option.

I need to change the delivery address

If your order has not been handed over to the carrier yet we can try and change the delivery address. Contact us please, we will do our best.

I have ordered several types of products, will I be receiving all of them together in one shipment?

Yes, as a rule of thumb we send all your products in one shipment. Nevertheless, photo books, photo posters and wall art print can sometimes be shipped separately (you will receive an email each time part of your order has been shipped).

How can I send the order as a gift - to an address other than mine/without paperwork enclosed?

We never enclose a printout of the paperwork with the shipment, you will find it attached in the confirmation email we send you when the payment for the order is confirmed. Your order can be sent directly to the address of the giftee.

Quality guarantee

Your satisfaction is our number one priority.

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Never received your order? Not satisfied with your order? How to claim your order?

Please contact us and we will make sure to find a satisfactory solution.

Is there a mistake in the print or has your order been damaged during shipment?

Please contact us.

Kindly take a photo of the ordered product and it’s packaging and send it to us by email together with more information about what is wrong. We will gladly have it printed again for you.