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How do I order retro prints?

Are you looking to print out photos of beautiful moments or to create a scrapbook or hang them on a string with mini pegs or create a photo collage with washi tapes?

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What photo print sizes are available?

Whether you are looking for retro prints with a frame or want to fill your photo album with standard-size photos, you can choose from the wide selection of available print sizes below:

What paper do you use for prints?

Your photos will be printed on premium Fujicolor Crystal Archive Paper Supreme HD photographic paper with glossy or matte finish.

How long does it take to print photos?

You can find production and delivery times here.

Can I have several photo sizes printed at the same time?

Yes, you can definitely order multiple photo sizes in one order. For most formats we have the possibility to order only one piece (except for photostrips and mini stickers). In case you cannot decide what to do with your photos, you can follow this article for inspiration: 10 Ways To Display Polaroid Photos.

Can I order photos without the polaroid frame border?

For retro photos (Retro Photo 4 x 3¼" and Retro Photo 5 x 4") the frame cannot be turned off. However you can choose one of our classic format photo prints where you have the option to turn off the frame in the editor.

Can I resize a photo in the editor?

Our editor can only crop photos for now. Therefore, you have to resize the photo in advance in a third party program or choose a larger photo format.

How do you package photos?

We pack the photos into a designer photo cover from up cycled materials. Most of the smaller formats are packed in packs of about 50pcs, the larger format in packs of about 15pcs.

If you want to purchase an album for your photos or you are planning to create a scrapbook from them, take a look at the accessories we offer in our e-shop. 

I forgot to include one photo in my order. Can I add it?

Once the order is paid for, we automatically send it to production so you can't make any changes. However please contact us as soon as possible, we might be able to help you. 

If you haven't paid the order, you can re-create the project – duplicate the project in your profile and add the photo.

How to print photo magnets?

Decorate your fridge or other magnetic surfaces at home with our photo magnets and enjoy seeing your beautiful photos every day! Tips on how to create photo magnets can be found in the article here: 6 Tips How To Decorate Your Fridge With Photo Magnets.

What photo magnets sizes are available?

We make these sizes of photo magnets:

You can also try wallet-size prints and photo stickers in the same formats.

How long does it take to print photo magnets?

You can find production and delivery times here.

Can I add a frame to round magnets?

The frame can only be added to Square magnets 2¾ x 2¾ and Retro magnets 2×2.75″. For other formats the frame cannot be added due to manufacturing processes. We do not recommend uploading your own frames – more information can be found here.

How to create a photo book?

Follow these steps to create a beautiful keepsake from photos.

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What types and formats of photo books do you offer?

A softcover photo book or a layflat photo book? You can choose according to this overview table.

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What is the difference between photo book and the Layflat photo book?

  • Softcover photo books with soft pages has binding V1 (sewn with staple) and from page 28 glued binding V2. It has thin pages that can be folded, like the pages of a magazine. So the opening of the book is not completely straight (to the maximum). Holds up to 120 pages with photos.
  • --
  • Layflat photo album has a book binding - so called layflat (so it can be unfolded on each double page) and hard pages (like children's picture books), which cannot be bent and are beautiful to flip through and also last longer. Holds up to 60 pages.

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How long does it take to print photo books?

You can find production and delivery times here.

How many photos do I need to create a photo book?

At least 20 photos (one per page), and then as many as you want - by changing the layout of the photos on the page or by adding more pages. The maximum capacity is 120 pages for a softcover photo book and 60 pages for a layflat photo book. The maximum number of photos per page is 4.


⚠️Please, be sure to fill all the pages in the book with photos or text or they will remain blank.

How many pages can a photo book hold?

How much do extra pages cost?

The price differs for each type and size of photo book. You will find the price in the photo editor when you are adding pages.

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What photo resolution is required to make a photo book?

Ideally over 1200 pixels, the minimum resolution varies depending on the size of the photo book. For more information on recommended photo sizes, see this article What photo formats and sizes can I upload?

What happens if I do not fill the text field on the book cover?

We will print only the photo, there will be no greyed-out frame without text etc. If you don't even insert a photo, the cover will be clean, one colour (depending on the colour you choose).

Can I create my own layout and upload it in the photo book?

Custom layouts cannot be uploaded. We recommend using the layouts offered by our editor. You can choose from a big selection of photos. You can also add captions to your photos and choose a background color.

I made a book in the wrong format - can I change it?

Unfortunately you can't, you have to recreate the book in the editor. The editor is built separately for 6,7x6,7" books and 8x8" books so unfortunately it is not possible to make the switch.

Can I share or preview the book after ordering?

Yes, if you have a book saved in your profile, you can view it or share it. If the book is not in your profile, email us and we will be happy to help you.

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I found a mistake in my book after placing the order, can I fix it?

Unfortunately, the book can no longer be edited in the editor after the order has been placed. Please contact us as soon as possible, it is possible that the book has not yet been sent to production and we can fix the mistake.

Can I order several copies of the same photo book?

Yes, create your photo book in the editor and then simply choose the desired number of copies in the cart.

The photo books will be exactly same, it is not possible to make some changes to one of the copies.

Can I order copy of a photo book that I ordered in the past?

Yes, if you have an order with the book saved in your profile, please log in to your profile and the book will open in the editor where you can edit it or re-order it directly. Detailed instructions can be found below.

If you do not have a profile or the book is not saved in your account. Create an account an contact us. We will be happy to add the book to your profile so you can re-order it.

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How to print a photo poster?

Go to Collage Photo Poster -> click “Create” -> then select the number of photos you want to print (35 or 70). You do not need to crop your photos first. Simply upload them and then check the crop of each photo in our editor.

How to arrange photos in the poster?

You can either select a random arrangement by clicking “Randomize photo positions”, or you can drag & drop the photos to arrange their positions in your photo collage.

What are the available collage poster sizes?

Our collage photo print is always 19¾ x 27½″ (50x70 cm). The poster can hold 35 larger (7x7cm) or 70 smaller (5x5cm) photos. 

Can I change background colour or rotation of the poster?

The background colour can be changed, just like the frame of a photo or a photo magnet. Just click on the colored icon at the left corner of the poster and select the background. The background is on default set to white.

If you want to hang the poster horizontally, you need to rotate each photo by ninety degrees.

Do you sell poster frames?

Yes, you can buy a wooden poster hanger specifically made for this collage poster print. You can choose the black or the wooden version.

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How to long does it take to print and ship photo poster?

The poster will come in a sturdy tube to withstand any drop. It is protected by a soft fabric film, but please remove it from the tube with care. 
Our production and delivery times vary for all our photo products. You can find all the information about collage photo prints here.

How to print framed photos?

You can print and frame photos in minutes. The process is really simple and you can upload your photos directly from your phone, computer or Instagram.

Go to Framed photo prints -> select photo size -> click “Create” -> pick your frame -> check the crop and order!

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What sizes of framed photo prints do you offer?

You can print framed photos in 6 different sizes:

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What is the required resolution frame prints?

The minimum resolution depends on the size of the framed photo print, for the smallest size a resolution of 1000px will be fine.

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How to hang framed photo prints?

The photos on the forex board come with adhesive tapes that you can use to stick the prints to the wall without drilling. We also include a plastic hook that you can use to hang the photo print on the wall.
If you choose the framed version, you will find a hook on the back (metal for the metal frame and plastic for the wooden frame) to hang the picture on the wall.

How long does it take to print framed photos?

You can find production and delivery times here.

I would like a frame for my photo print.

Do you prefer to hang your photo print as it is or would you like to put it in a frame?

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How to print a large photo?

Go to Large Photos -> click “Create” -> select with or without a frame border by clicking the “ON/OFF” button -> check the crop and proceed to order!

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What are the available print sizes?

We offer one large photo print size: 19¾ x 27½″.

What is the required photo size to make a large photo print?

You will need high resolution photos to make nice large prints. We recommend a minimum resolution of 2000x3000 pixels.

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What paper do you use for the large prints?

We print large photos on high-quality Fujicolor Crystal Archive DP II Paper with a semi-matte/satin surface. The product is created by the process of direct exposure of classic photographic paper using a large-format exposure unit.

What do you pack large photos?

The large photo will come in a sturdy tube to withstand any drop. It is protected by a soft fabric film, but please proceed with care when taking out the poster from the tube.

How to hang large photos on the wall?

You can buy a poster hanger here: Wooden Poster Hanger.

The installation is really easy: all you have to do is open the magnetic slats, insert the photo print and fasten it between the slats. You can easily hang your photo print using the leather strap attached to the slats.

How long does it take print large photos?

You can find production and delivery times here.

Can I change the color of the frame border? Or choose without frame?

The large photo can be made without a frame or with a frame (4cm wide all around the photo). The background color of the frame can be changed, the default color is white.

In the second step of the order "Preview and edit" choose whether you want a frame for the photo. Set the ON/OFF option above the photo. If a frame is set, then click on the color icon near the left corner of the photo, this will display a color spectrum where you can select a specific frame color.

How do I create a horizontal photo print?

If you want to hang a photo on the wall in landscape, you need to rotate each photo by 90 degrees. The rotation is done in the second step of the order "preview and edit" via the pencil icon next to each photo. In the editing detail, you can adjust the placement of the photo as well as the rotation.

When will the calendars be available again?

We start selling calendars every year during October and we print them until the end of January.

How to order photo calendars?

We offer these three types of photo calendars:

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    Whatis the required photo size to print a photo calendar?

    Ideally 1000 x 1000 pixels or more. 

    You can find more information about photo sizes and resolution here.

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    Calendar for longer than 1 year? Does it have to start in January?

    We produce weekly and wall calendars only for 12 months - January to December of the year. But you can make a monthly calendar on a wooden stand for up to 24 months, so you can make it for two years. Just add additional months during the order process (at the end of the Preview and Edit step).

    We always produce calendars from January of the year. You cannot choose the starting month.

    Can I order the calendar in another language?

    We currently offer calendars in UK (Monday to Sunday) and US (Sunday to Saturday) versions.

    How long does it take to print a photo calendar?

    You can find production and delivery times here.

    How many photos a photo album can hold?

    Each photo album can hold a different number of photos. For example, our most popular paper photo album has 40 pages, each page can hold 4 smaller photos (e.g. 3,25x4" or 4x6"). Larger photos can fit two per page, but mini photos can fit many more. The size of each photo album is specified in the details of each product.

    What sizes of photo canvas prints do you offer?

    We offer canvas prints from photos in a variety of sizes to suit your needs. The available sizes are:

    How big does the photo need to be?

    For a photo to be sharp on the canvas, it must have sufficient resolution. For the smallest size of the canvas photo print (8x8”), a minimum resolution of 1200×1200 px is required, and for the largest (12x18”) 1600×2400 px. Detailed information can be found here. In most cases, photos from your cell phone are good enough for any photo canvas. If the photo is not large enough, our editor will alert you.

    How long will it take to get my picture on canvas delivered?

    It usually takes 5 working days to print a photo on canvas, then express shipping will take 3-4 days depending on which of the carriers you choose. Detailed information on shipping times for more than just canvas photos can be found here.

    Is photo canvas good for photo prints?

    Photo canvas prints are a timeless classic that adds the look of a work of art and an interesting texture. As long as the photo canvas is of sufficient quality, a picture on canvas with a photo is a beautiful decoration.

    What is the difference between a photo and a photo on canvas?

    Classic photos are printed on photo paper with a glossy or matte finish, and photos on canvas are printed on fabric photo canvas with a matte and textured finish. Photos can be printed from 3.25x4” to 8x12”, while canvas photo prints range from 8x8” to 12x18”.

    Is there a cheaper alternative to a photo on canvas?

    Our wall prints on board are of the same quality as paintings on canvas and are also more affordable. For example, the smallest 8x8" photo canvas format costs $29.99, while a photo on board costs $19.99.

    Can I order multiple canvas prints at once?

    Yes, you can order multiple canvas prints at once to create a stunning gallery wall. Simply select the sizes and quantities you want and upload your photos. We'll take care of the rest.

    How do I hang a photo on a canvas on the wall?

    From the back of the photo canvas you will find a hook to hang it on the wall.

    How to print photo booth strips?

    Printing photo strips is quick and easy. Simply select if you would like us to print photo strip prints, magnetic strips or photo stickers and select photo pare finish (matte or glossy). Select photos on your phone or computer and upload them to our web editor. Then you can create your photo strips using different photo strip templates, adding captions and colored backgrounds. Check if everything is perfect and proceed to checkout.

    What sizes and templates of photo strips do you offer?

    All our photo booth strips are 2x8”. You can create strips with 2 to 5 photos and the size of individual photo depends on how many photos are in the layout and if there’s a caption on the bottom of the photo booth strip.

    You can choose any background color of your photo strip and you can also select a film strip template.

      How to create a photo booth film strip?

      Want to print your photo strip looking like an actual film strip? You can easily do so by selecting a film strip template in our editor. Upload your photos from your phone or computer to our web editor and then click “Change layout”. In the selection of different layouts you will find a film strip template with either 2, 3, 4 or 5 photos. Add photos to the photo strip and proceed to checkout.

      When will my photo strips arrive?

      You can find production and delivery times here.

      How to display my photo booth strips?

      There are many ways to display your photo strips. You can use them as a bookmark in your favorite books, create a unique photo album spread, make a collage on the wall, display them on your fridge (using magnetic photo strips) or decorate your notebooks or diary (using photo strip stickers).