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How to create an order?

How to work with the editor

Before confirming an order

Is this your first order? Are you not sure whether you entered all the necessary information? Follow the “Before confirming an order” tips below ⚠️.

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How do I make an order?

You can order from the website using your computer, tablet or smartphone. Click on the chosen product, upload photos to our photo editor and in a few minutes your project is on it’s way to our production department!

Follow this article for some inspiration:

What can I make from my photos?

You can have your photos developed into retro prints or photo magnets, you can make a photobook or a photo poster using a collage of photos, or you can for instance order wall art print, photo calendars or large photos. Head full of ideas but still cannot quite start?

Find some inspiration in our magazine:

How do I upload the photos into the editor?

Directly from the gallery of your mobile phone, from a folder in your computer or from your photos on Facebook or Instagram. You will find simple instructions below.

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I closed the editor without finishing my project. Can I go back to my project?

If you were signed in you can easily open your project and finish it.

If you have not saved your project, try to find the closed page in the history of your browser and open it again. It’s possible that the project data is still available and when you click the page from the history, you may be able to finish your project. We recommend to always sign in first before creating a project, so that you can go back to it at any time.

How do I delete photos I have uploaded in the photo editor?

You can simply delete photos that you have uploaded in the editor and do not want to use any more, following these steps.

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What photo formats and sizes can I upload?

Ideally upload a quality JPG in sRGB. You can crop it easily in our editor when creating the order. Regular photos taken by your phone or camera will do, you do not need to edit them beforehand. We download Instagram photos in the highest available quality (1080px). For a detailed list of recommended minimum photo resolution, read on.

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Do photos have to be uploaded directly into the editor? Can I send them to you by email or say Wetransfer?

We only accept orders on photos uploaded through the editor. You will find that our editor is very simple and intuitive though! You will only need to drag and drop the photos there, edit the cropping and e.g. choose a frame color. No worries, your order will be finished in just a few minutes! You can find a few tips here:

Can I upload photos from several Instagram/Facebook accounts?

Each user account can only be linked to one Instagram account and one Facebook account. You can download photos from other accounts and upload them into the editor from a folder in your computer or phone.

You can find instructions on how to download photos from Instagram here:

Or go directly to:

How do I upload photos from someone else's Instagram account?

If you cannot login through Instagram directly, you can download the photos and then order photos through our editor.

You can find instructions on how to download photos from Instagram here:

Or go directly to:

Do I have to crop or edit my photos first?

You do not need to crop your photos, this can be done in the photo editor. Nevertheless, if you want your photos in black and white or with a filter, they need to be edited first. Also, brightness or contrast cannot be modified in the editor, so we recommend editing your photos first. More on photo editing can be found here:

What is the minimum order quantity for each product?


Minimum order QTY

Retro Photos 4 x 3¼"


Retro Photos 5 x 4"


Small Photos 4 x 3¼"


Small Photos 5 x 3½"


Small Square Photos 4 x 4"


Medium Photos 6 x 4"


Medium Square Photos 5 x 5"


Medium Square Photos 6 x 6"


Medium Photos 7 x 5"


Large Photos 8 x 6"


Large Square Photos 8 x 8"


Large Photos 12 x 8"


Square magnets 2×2 inches


Square and Round photo magnets 2¾×2¾ inches


All other products can be ordered one piece at a time


Can I order different photo sizes within the minimum order quantity?

Photos can only be ordered within the available packages - you need to order the minimum order quantity of each size and format, due to our production processes. Do not be afraid to order more though! We believe there is no such thing as too many beautiful prints. You can find tips as to what to create with them in our Magazine, e.g. here: