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How to create an order?

How to work with the editor

Before confirming an order

Is this your first order? Are you not sure whether you entered all the necessary information? Follow the tips below ⚠️.

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How do I make an order?

You can order on Squared.one website using your computer, tablet or smartphone. Choose a desired product and format, upload your photos, make necessary edits and proceed to completing your order.

Follow this article How To Make a Custom Photo Book for some inspiration.

What photo products do your offer?

You can have your photos printed in different formats – polaroid style photos, wallet-size photos, photo booth strips or photo magnets and photo stickers. You can make a photo book or a photo collage poster, or you can order wall art prints, photo calendars or large photos.

How do I upload photos into the editor?

Directly from the gallery of your cell phone, a folder on your computer or Facebook or Instagram account. Follow the steps below.

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I closed the editor without finishing my project. Can I go back to my project?

If you are signed in you can easily open your project and finish it.

If you're not signed in, try finding the closed tab in the history of your browser and open it again. It’s possible that the project data is still available and you may be able to finish your project. We recommend always signing in first before creating a project so that you can go back to it at any time.

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How do I delete uploaded photos?

You can simply delete photos that you have uploaded to the editor following these steps.

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What photo formats and sizes can I upload?

Ideally upload a high quality photo in JPG and sRGB. You can crop it easily in our editor when creating the order. Photos captured by your cell phone or camera will be in most cases fine. For a detailed list of recommended minimum photo resolution, see below.

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Do photos have to be uploaded directly into the editor?

We only accept orders on photos uploaded through the editor meaning that we won't accept photos sent to us via e-mail, Wetransfer or any other way.

You will find that our editor is very simple and intuitive though! You can just drag and drop photos, edit the crop and you're done in a few minutes! You can find a few tips here: My first order.

Can I upload photos from several Instagram/Facebook accounts?

Each squared.one account can only be linked to one Instagram account and one Facebook account. You can download photos from other accounts and upload them into the editor from a folder on your computer or phone.

You can find instructions on how to download photos from Instagram here: How to download photos and videos from Instagram.

How do I upload photos from someone else's Instagram account?

If you cannot login through Instagram directly, you can download the photos to your phone or computer and upload them to the editor.

You can find instructions on how to download photos from Instagram here: How to download photos and videos from Instagram.

Do I have to edit my photos beforehand?

You do not need to crop your photos, because it can be done in the photo editor. However, if you want your photos to be specifically edited, you need to do so in third party program. Explore some inspiration about photo editing in this article: 16 FREE Best-Rated Photo Editors For Android And iOS.

What is the minimum order quantity for each product?


Minimum order QTY

Photo Stickers




Rest of the products from Squared.one1

Can I order different photo sizes within the minimum order quantity?

Photos can only be ordered within the available packages - you need to order the minimum order quantity of each size and format, due to our production processes. However, most products have a 1pc minimum quantity :)

Can I upload a photo with my own frame/elements?

Applicable to: wallet-size prints, photo magnets and photo stickers

We do not recommend uploading photos or graphics with custom frames due to bleed cropping. The bleed ensures that no white border appears around the edges of the photo, and the resulting photos are slightly cropped during production. The custom frame may not be visible in the photo.

The same goes for custom elements or text that will be placed on the edge of the photo.

If you need to print a photo, magnet or sticker with your own frame or text, please allow for the bleed and keep a sufficient "distance" from the edge. We recommend contacting our customer service at info@squared.one to verify the design.

💡 TIP: Also beware of photos with faces and other important elements. If the face is too close to the edge, it may also be cropped.

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