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How do I delete uploaded photos?

You can simply delete photos that you have uploaded to the editor following these steps.

Updated 20 May 2024

1. Log in

Click “Log in” in the top right-hand corner on the website.

Enter your email and password and click “Log in”.

2. Open your profile

When signed in, in the top right corner of the website click on your email address or your user name.

3. Enter “My photos”

In your profile select the “My photos” section. Here you can find all your uploaded photos, sorted by the upload date.

4. Select and delete photos

Hover over the photo you would like to delete and click on trash can icon . Deleted photos cannot be accessed again you would have to re-upload them again to the editor.

5. Delete several photos at the same time

To delete several photos, mark the square next to the date of upload. All photos uploaded on that date will be deleted.