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How do I upload the photos into the editor?

Directly from the gallery of your mobile phone, from a folder in your computer or from your photos on Facebook or Instagram. You will find simple instructions below.

Updated 11 August 2023

1. Register

Create an account with us so you can access your photos and projects any time.

2. Select a product you want to make.

Sign in and then choose a product that you want to have printed.

3. Select product type and size and click the “Create” button.

Choose from the available product sizes and click “Create”.

4. Select your photos.

You can choose the photos right from a folder in your phone or computer by clicking “Select files”. Alternatively, you can drag and drop directly into the editor window.

5. You can also upload photos from your Facebook or Instagram.

Change the bookmark on the top and upload your photos directly from your Facebook or Instagram account.

Select either the Instagram or the Facebook bookmark.

When you have signed in, simply add photos that you want developed by clicking the “plus” button. If uploading from Facebook, first choose the album you want to develop from.