Large Photos

How do I create a large photo?

A large photo print that will make the smallest details stand out. It comes printed on a luxury photo paper with a semi-matte surface. Lighten up the wall of your apartment with it.

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What are the available print sizes?

We offer one large photo print size: 19¾ x 27½″.

What are the required photo sizes and resolution to make a large photo print?

You will need high resolution photos to make nice large prints. We recommend a minimum resolution of 2000x3000 pixels.

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What paper do you use for the large prints?

We print large photos on high-quality Fujicolor Crystal Archive DP II Paper with a semi-matte/satin surface. The product is created by the process of direct exposure of classic photographic paper using a large-format exposure unit.

What packaging will I receive my large photo print in?

We ship large prints packed in a paper tube.

How do I mount my photo print on a wall?

You can buy a poster hanger here: Wooden Poster Hanger | Squared.one.

The installation is really easy: all you have to do is open the magnetic slats, insert the photo print and fasten it between the slats. You can easily hang your photo print using the leather strap attached to the slats.

How long does it take for a large photo print to be made?

Up to 3 business days. You will find a detailed overview of production times here.

I have ordered a large photo and another photo product but I have not received the large photo yet.

Do not worry😉, large photos take longer to produce so they can sometimes be shipped separately from the other products you have ordered. You will receive an email each time part of your order has been shipped.

Can I change the color of the frame border?

Yes, same as with a photo or a photo magnet, you can pick your color for the wall art print frame border! Just click the color icon in the bottom left hand side of the photo.

I would like a large photo print without a frame border.

A large photo print can come without a frame border. Just select with or without a frame border by clicking the “ON/OFF” button in the editor.

How do I create a horizontal photo print?

If you would like to hang your photo print horizontally, you will need to rotate each photo by 90 degrees.