Photo Calendars

When will the calendars be available again?

We start selling calendars every year during September/October and we print them until the end of February.

What are the required photo sizes and resolution to make a photo calendar?

Ideally 1000 x 1000 pixels or more. 

You can find more information about photo sizes and resolution here.

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What should I do when an exclamation mark appears in the photo editor indicating poor photo quality?

We recommend maintaining the required quality, which you will see after clicking the exclamation mark. If you are printing photos from a mobile phone or social networks, expect a slightly lower print quality.

Can I order a calendar with more than 12 month pages?

Indeed. The wooden calendar stand can hold up to 24 month pages, so you can make a calendar for 2 years.

Does the calendar have to begin with January?

Nope, just pick the month of the year you would like your calendar to begin with in the editor.

Can I order the calendar in another language?

We currently offer calendars in UK (Monday to Sunday) and US (Sunday to Saturday) versions.

Can I order a photo calendar without the wooden stand?

Yes, if you only need a pages refill, select the “pages refill, without stand” option.

I have ordered a calendar and another photo product but I have not received the calendar yet.

Do not worry😉, calendars take longer to produce so they can sometimes be shipped separately from the other products you have ordered. You will receive an email each time part of your order has been shipped.

How long does it take to make a photo calendar?

Up to 7 business days. You will find a detailed overview of production times here.