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Photo Strips

How to print photo booth strips?

Printing photo strips is quick and easy. Simply select if you would like us to print photo strip prints, magnetic strips or photo stickers and select photo pare finish (matte or glossy). Select photos on your phone or computer and upload them to our web editor. Then you can create your photo strips using different photo strip templates, adding captions and colored backgrounds. Check if everything is perfect and proceed to checkout.

What sizes and templates of photo strips do you offer?

All our photo booth strips are 2x8”. You can create strips with 2 to 5 photos and the size of individual photo depends on how many photos are in the layout and if there’s a caption on the bottom of the photo booth strip.

You can choose any background color of your photo strip and you can also select a film strip template.

    How to create a photo booth film strip?

    Want to print your photo strip looking like an actual film strip? You can easily do so by selecting a film strip template in our editor. Upload your photos from your phone or computer to our web editor and then click “Change layout”. In the selection of different layouts you will find a film strip template with either 2, 3, 4 or 5 photos. Add photos to the photo strip and proceed to checkout.

    When will my photo strips arrive?

    You can find production and delivery times here.

    How to display my photo booth strips?

    There are many ways to display your photo strips. You can use them as a bookmark in your favorite books, create a unique photo album spread, make a collage on the wall, display them on your fridge (using magnetic photo strips) or decorate your notebooks or diary (using photo strip stickers).