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Wall Art Print

How to print framed photos?

You can print and frame photos in minutes. The process is really simple and you can upload your photos directly from your phone, computer or Instagram.

Go to Framed photo prints -> select photo size -> click “Create” -> pick your frame -> check the crop and order!

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What sizes of framed photo prints do you offer?

You can print framed photos in 6 different sizes:

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What is the required resolution frame prints?

The minimum resolution depends on the size of the framed photo print, for the smallest size a resolution of 1000px will be fine.

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How to hang framed photo prints?

The photos on the forex board come with adhesive tapes that you can use to stick the prints to the wall without drilling. We also include a plastic hook that you can use to hang the photo print on the wall.
If you choose the framed version, you will find a hook on the back (metal for the metal frame and plastic for the wooden frame) to hang the picture on the wall.

How long does it take to print framed photos?

You can find production and delivery times here.

I would like a frame for my photo print.

Do you prefer to hang your photo print as it is or would you like to put it in a frame?

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