Cheap photo products from Squared.one

Wanna print your favorite photos without spending a fortune? We will tell you which products are both beautiful and affordable.

Kateřina Tobišková
March 09, 2021

In this article, we will tell you what our cheapest photo products are, introduce you to the DIY section of our magazine and tell you the secrets of how to get a discount at Squared.one!

Do you have a passion for a cheap but beautiful photo books in which you will keep your holiday experiences, or do you want to make it a beautiful wedding gift for the newlyweds? Or would you rather get photo magnets so you can teach your kids something in a fun way? Or are you looking for a place to develop your photos online? You are in the right place!

Online photobook with light sheets

This cheap photo book has a V1 or V2 type binding and it can hold 20-120 pages and is suitable for regular printing your family moments and experiences from weekend trips. You can add a large number of pages, and print all the celebrations of recent years or create a special gift for your loved ones. You can choose between a soft paper envelope or an envelope reinforced with solid natural cardboard with UV print.

How to create the best photobook online?

The cheapest photo book for $ 13 includes:

  • Photobook 6.7× 6.7″
  • Soft paper cover
  • Custom photo on cover / color cover
  • 19 pages of photos and text
  • Possibility to change the color of the leaves
  • 16 predefined photobook layouts for easy photo organization

Photo Book with Soft Pages

Photo book with thin pages suitable for your everyday joyful moments. Create a personalized photo book and print pictures right from your gallery, Instagram or Facebook in a simple online editor. Choose from variety of layouts and covers and tell your own story.

Starting at $12.99

For a long time we have focused only on retro photos "polaroids", but now you can print photos online in stunning 12 formats! Which new formats do we have?

  • Clasic ones: 4×3¼″, 5×3½″, 6×4″, 7×5″, 8×6″ or 12×8″
  • Square formats: ⬜ 4×4″, 5×5″, 6×6″ and 8×8″
  • Retro "polaroids": 4×3¼″ or 5×4″

Why are our photos different?

  • are printed on Fujicolor premium photo paper
  • you can edit your photos online
  • you can add a white or color border to them
  • you can write your own captions and emojis onto retro photos
  • we will send you a design cover for FREE

You can get the cheapest order by buying 10 larger retro photos for $5.9, which look best on our wooden stand.

Photo prints online

Print your retro instant style photo prints online from your Instagram, Facebook, mobile or computer. Just select your photos, customize frame colors and write captions with emojis ❤️

Starting at $0.39 per piece

Cheap custom photo magnets

Discover personalized refrigerator magnets with your own photo. Make your own photo magnets - you can choose from round, large square photomagnets 2¾×2¾″, mini photo magnets 2×2″ or magnetic puzzles. Photomagnets are a perfect gift and learning tool for children.

Review of different company's photo magnets

What to say about our magnets?

  • Cheap but high quality!
  • Printed on glossy photo paper Fujicolor Crystal Archive Paper Supreme HD
  • Flexible thanks to soft but durable magnetic foil.
  • For square photomagnets, you can add a white or colored border

Photo Magnets

Print photo magnets for the fridge from your Instagram, Facebook, mobile or computer on high-quality photo paper. Pick your favorite photos and create your own personalized photo magnets. Place the magnets on your fridge or give them as a gift!

Starting at $1.29 per piece

Cheap wall art decor

Would you like to keep an eye on your favorite memories all the time? Turn them into a custom wall art prints and create a home gallery. Wall art huge advantage is that the photo paper is glued onto a durable plastic forex board and can not bend or crease. In addition, you can take these photos very cheaply. 

From our point of view, printing a photo on canvas is not a good solution and it is a pity that customers often do not know that there are other - better alternatives.

How to create the best wall art in 4 steps?

Why to choose our photo image on the board?

  • The highest possible printing quality thanks to premium photo paper
  • The surface does not suffer from changes of humidity like canvas - it never scratches or bends
  • Can be hung or glued to the wall
  • Wall art can be framed into a wooden or aluminum frame
  • Full screen photo or photo with a border (of any color)
  • White or black forex base plate

Wall Art Prints

Turn your white walls into a gallery. Thick photo prints with hanger on the back are ready to decorate your interior. Available with or without frame.

Starting at $8.45 per piece

Custom photo calendar

Our personalized calendar can be placed on a table and hung on the wall. In addition, when you order it for the first time, you will also get a wooden stand and the next time you can order only the leaves (which is cheaper)! Give yourself or your friends an original and cheap calendar with your own photos.

Let inspire yourself!

Why to create our photo calendar?

  • It has a solid stand made of poplar wood
  • Can be placed on a desk or hung on a wall
  • You can choose black or white calendar sheets
  • It has firm leaves with a semi-matt appearance
  • Can hold up to 24 sheets, so you can use it for two years
  • You can buy the leaves itself without a stand and save money

Photo Calendar

Custom photo calendar on a wooden stand. Create your own personalized monthly calendar for 2023 with your favorite photos from Instagram, Facebook, Mobile or Desktop.

Starting at $20.00

Do you want your products cheap? Create them!

Just for you, here is our DIY section of the blog. We regularly add tips for creation or production of gifts to this category. For example, our article how to make a scrapbook - a book full of memories and photographs - is popular. We can also advise you on how to use leftover photos, how to make gallery from your wall or create a great gift from photos. You can also try to make your own photo magnets and much more.

Explore our DIY section!

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